Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lavender Festival

On Fri. , my dear husband agreed to accompany me to the Sequim Lavender Festival. This is held each year about the same time-mid July. Our never ending very cool spring and summer caused the lavender to be not as pretty as other years. Many varieties were just not fully blooming yet. However, we had a great time! There were about 5 farms available for touring and a huge lavender market in town. You could buy just about anything made of lavender! We each had a delicious strawberry shortcake that was made with local berries. We skipped the lavender ice cream! Enjoy the pictures!

As I said you could buy anything made of lavender! These were NOT GOOD!

This is typical of the music at the various farms. Jim enjoyed the music while I shopped!

There were many beautiful flowers besides the lavender.

There are several beautifully carved totems that we see on our way home from Sequim!


  1. Such lovely pictures! Looks like you guys had fun!

  2. I'm having so much fun going through your gorgeous pictures your blog. Love the lavender. My brother and SIL live on Harstine Island and they have a lavender garden. I have yet to been to Sequim but some day......I don't have a blog but love to stitch and quilt.....some day I may have one.