Friday, June 5, 2015

Cross stitch and Lighthouse Views

Hi to all my cloud friends!! I hope you are all getting ready to have a wonderful week-end!  Here in the Pacific NW, the weather is just incredible, maybe even a bit warm for me.  I love the 70's but the 80's are getting a bit warm. I finished Miss Mary Jane this week and started a small patriotic piece by BBD.  Today the DH and I were on duty at the lighthouse.  We do this once a month from April to Sept.  What a beautiful day at the beach! I hope you enjoy the pictures.

 A finished Mary Jane Smith!

 I did change a small portion.  Where you see my initials there was a very strange looking girl, no arms.  Plus it was all in over one.  I didn't think it was worth that effort.  I do like the way the initials look in that small space.

 This is my current project.  I'll have photos in a day or so.

 I stitched this a long time ago.  I think I will get around to finishing it this year.

 Welcome to the Point No Point Lighthouse!

 I have shown lots of pictures of the lighthouse so today I am focusing on the drift wood furniture and sculptures by the Keeper's House. We have no idea who has done this work.  You can rent half of this house. What a great place to spend a hot week-end!

 Room for a snack or an adult beverage!

 Do you see the eye on what I think might be a  porcupine??!!?

 Mount Rainier.  It is quite a treat to see the mountain from this far away!

 Makes me want to sing,"Oh beautiful for spacious skies......"

 View from the door

 View from a window! I'd say not a bad place to spend a Fri. afternoon!!!!

Thanks so much for joining me and have a great week-end!