Friday, February 24, 2012

Grandparents Wall

A bit ago I stitched a sampler to honor my husband's(the SBA) grandparents. This was to go along with the wedding pictures we had been given several years ago. While doing more research, the SBA found more pictures of them. One was a full length picture of his grandmother in the same dress. We think the one of his grandfather was not done with the wedding photos,however, I liked the picture of him. The whole arrangement needed balance so we took their marriage certificate and had it framed in the same frame as the sampler. I think the wall looks good and the SBA is very proud and happy to honor his grandparents. He was named after his grandfather, James.

Sorry for the reflections. If we wait till this room is full of sunlight it will probably be July! This is the darkest room in our house because of a porch overhang.

This is the original certificate. We could tell by the ink that was used.

The family gave these to the SBA when his Mother passed away. He is known as the family genealogist.

Here are the two additional pictures that we found.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring-It's Coming

The weather folks said this would be a horrible week! Lots of rain, flooding etc. Today started out fairly temperate and then was suppose to get very cold. The sun was shining but I was expecting to get cold! Well, we just got back from our 2 mile walk and I had on only a sweatshirt!!! You can't believe the weather people. In their defense, the mountains and water play a huge part in our weather. It can be sunny here and raining 15 miles away. We are also in what they call the rainshadow of the Olympic Mountains. That means that the rains come in off the Pacific and hit the western side of the mountains. We are on the eastern side so we get less rain. Before our long walk we went into the yard. I wanted to see what was growing. I could see the daffodils from the window. We never had them bloom this early. I sure hope this is not a prediction of a hot summer!!!!

The hellebores will be blooming soon.

This is Ivory Prince.

Small Iris I have in my garden.

I love St. Francis. He was the patron saint of birds. My Dad always had a St. Francis in his yard. It brings back happy memories of him.

Haven't taken down the Christmas wreath!

I enjoy taking pictures of bark. This is our paper bark Maple.

Just to show how mild the winter has been, these were planted last fall. I always plant these orange whisker pansies for Halloween. I like to pair them with black pansies but this year I couldn't find the black ones.

Love those black veins!!!
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Easter finish and a bird

The suet is really bringing members of the woodpecker family to our feeder. Today we saw a female Downy woodpecker,not nearly as colorful as the flicker but still fun to watch. I am also trying something new with my cross stitch. While I have the long Rebecca Robinson going, I'm taking a break by stitching some seasonal stuff. Now here is the plan, try to stay a few months ahead of the season. I just decided to try this so I'm a bit rushed on the Easter /Spring stuff. After finishing these I'm going to start my patriotic projects. I got the Sheepish Designs "Betsy"(out of print) last year . I really love it. I also just got Sheepish designs, "From Every Mountain Side". These will make great Patriotic projects to have up from Memorial Day through July. Maybe I need to grow two more hands!! I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

The Downy Woodpecker!

First Easter finish! This is called "Bunny Egg Mini" by Waxing Moon Designs. I used 28ct. Cashel Dirty for the linen. The threads are GA Oatmeal. I have a small collection of white bunnies so I wanted to get this stitched to go with the collection when I put it up.

I bought a cheap frame at Michaels . It is plain and I think it will look good.
Thanks so much for taking a look!

Monday, February 20, 2012

An ornament and a Bird!

Well, my last post showed a Halloween finish. Today , I'm showing my first really finished ornament. I used the finishing tutorial on The Twisted Stitcher's blog. Vonna has done a great thing by sharing all her super ideas with all of us. This was a very old piece that my daughter did for me many years ago, probably 15 to 20 years ago. It was fun to finish. But did take quite a bit of time. I took her advice and didn't rush the job. I've also posted a few pictures of a flicker who has been a regular at our bird feeder.

I believe this was from a Prairie Schooler chart. The chenille trim is from the Victorian Motto sampler. The bow is ribbon the color of the green in the ship even though it looks darker. I bought the little antiqued bell at a local gift shop.

Here is the flicker that has been visiting our feeder each day!

Now he's after some suet.
Thanks for taking a look. I'm really switching up my holidays! Tomorrow I'll have my first Easter finish to show.