Thursday, August 30, 2018

Cross stitch, Flowers, and my Pumpkin Moon!

Hi there cloud friends.  I thought I would get in one post before August is gone.  Here in the NW we have had the hottest, driest, smokiest summer ever!! That being said, I am ready for Fall !! At times our air was more polluted than China.  We have had forest fires to the north, east, and south so there was no avoiding the smoke. Our worst conditions came from the fires in British Columbia. There were several days when we were told to stay indoors as much as possible.  Thank goodness we put in AC three years ago.  However, my garden has done well and I have spent many hours watering!!  If you just like to see stitching then just look at my first few photos.  After that, I will take you on a tour of my dahlias!

 This is called First Winds of Autumn.  It is a Blackbird design.  It was part of the Ladies Prim Society.  The colors on my photo are drab.  The real piece is full of lovely vibrant Fall colors.  It was designed to be a strawberry.  As you all know, finishing is not really my thing so a strawberry was out of the question.  I had to add to the bottom border so that it will fit into an antique frame that I have. It was a wonderful piece to stitch!

 This is my current project.  I was not able to get a good picture.  All I have left is the house.  I am changing the color of the house as a white one will not show up very well on my linen.  I am thinking of a sage green. That will look good with the pretty Autumn colors.

  Here are the dahlias!

 This lily just had to be here.  The flowers were larger than my DH's hands!  And it smelled heavenly!. 

OK, this is what smoke does to the moon!  I am calling it my pumpkin moon in honor of the coming of my favorite season, FALL!! I hope all of you have a great weekend and thanks so much for joining me today!