Sunday, August 16, 2015

Stitching and Dahlias!

Hi Cloud friends!  I hope all of you have had a great week-end.  The DH and I had a nice slow one so that was good.  We actually had a very good rain on Friday and then a bit more on Sat.  We needed it so badly.  It was kind of interesting.  We went for coffee Sat. AM  after the Farmer's Market and everyone was smiling and saying , "Isn't the rain great!"  I forgot my camera but the veggies at the market were wonderful.  I think plants have liked all the sun this summer. One thing I look forward to each summer is the U Pick Dahlia farm.  I grow my own but find that I hate to cut them.  The farm has a deal  I can't pass up, 12 flowers for $4.  I try to get up there every week! There are about 20 rows of flowers to choose from.
I am busy stitching "Bittersweet September" by BBD.  This was a selection from the Ladies Prim Society in the Fall of 2013.  I am using the suggested floss and just some linen from my stash. It is such a sweet little piece.  I finished the house last night. I did get quite a bit of the house done on Fri. watching the Hawks in the first game of this year.  We didn't do too well, glad that game does not count!

 The top border calls  for a satin stitch.  I will do this when the rest of the design is finished.

 The alphabet is done over one, I do one row in the afternoon when the light is good!

 Enjoy the dahlias!! Remember 12 blooms for only 4$!

Thanks so much for joining me today.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!