Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Give-Away and the Solstice Celebration!

I am really glad that good old blogger is behaving today.  I appreciate all the suggestions and I think I will look at other options for reading my blogs.
I was going through my charts the other day and guess what?  I had two of the same design so that means a give away.  If you would like Little House Needleworks, "Patriot Inn"  just leave a comment on this post.  I will draw a winner on Sat.  It is a great little chart to be stitching over the 4th of July.
Each year on the Sat. closest to the Summer Solstice, Poulsbo has a celebration.  It is based on the   Norwegian St. Hans Festival. Last Sat. was the actual solstice and a picture perfect day.  My DH, DD and I went to the festival.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.

 Preparing the Mai Pole.  Many homes have their own smaller poles decorated with greens and flowers. This is not the traditional May Pole.

Every thing Norwegian!

 They are supposedly very sweet dogs!

 The arrival of the dancers and musicians.

Many wore the traditional costumes.

 We all had to sit behind the green garland for the rising of the pole just to be safe.

 It is up! It took several men with poles and probably 10 minutes to get the pole up.

 There was lots of Norwegian dancing.

 We missed the lighting of the bon fire, we got too hungry!

 The perfect ending to a lovely day! I hope your solstice was memorable!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Blogger is driving me crazy!! I can't get any posts  from the blogs I'm following except one at a time.  The minute someone else that I follow posts, the previous post disappears. The only way I could read posts is to sit by the computer all day and catch each one as it appears.  VERY FRUSTRATING!  That is why there have been no comments from me on any blogs. Any suggestions?  We sent a note to google but no help so far,  The view more button does no good. I would really appreciate any advise. Is anyone else having this problem?