Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cross Stitch Catch Up!

First, I would like to thank all of you who took time to read my blog about our short little trip to the coast. You made so many wonderful comments.  This will be a quick post showing what I have been doing with my cross stitch projects.  I also have something very funny to share with you.  Many of you remember the cross stitch I did fore my Grandson, Caleb.

 He said the funniest thing about it. His Mom had him call us on Sunday.  He said,"Gradma, I'm going to put this on my bedroom wall all my life, no matter where I live even when I'm as old as you."  I'll take that as a compliment!

 I have been doing the Mary Sampler 2 sew along by the wonderful Plum Street Samplers.  My linen is actually an off white color, not the blue you see here.  I had to make the angel's robe blue.  The off white color that was called for would never have shown up on my linen.

I have also been working on my November Word Play.  Again, the linen is much prettier than it looks in the photo.  Sorry for the wrinkles.  I press after I'm all finished.
Thanks for joining me today!  Hope you are all having a great week.  We have been stuck in fog but yesterday and today , the sun comes out around noon and we have a beautiful autumn afternoon!

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Beautiful Quinault Rainforest!

I hope you enjoyed the cranberry post from yesterday.  This was our last full day on our short little vacation.  We had never been to the Quinault Rainforest and it was only about 35 minutes north so we decided to go that way.  It turned out to be a great decision!  We saw a beautiful old lodge,some huge trees, a pretty lake and more interesting mushrooms than I can count!  In fact, this week-end they are having a mushroom festival.

 I guess this photo shows why Washington is called the Evergreen State!!

 This is one of the very old National Park Lodges built in 1926., very warm and inviting.

I am just showing you a few of the most unusual mushrooms .  We saw many more.

 My DH says these look just like fried eggs.

 I call this one the space ship!

 The purpose of the hike was to see this lovely waterfall.

 This Valley is home to 6 conifer trees recognized by the Forestry Association  as the largest living specimens of their species.  This tree was not one of them. Still so amazing.

On our way down, we saw this warning.  The sign said to make noise!  I talked to my DH all the way down!!!

 It takes a lot of rain to grow these giants!

Thanks so much for joining me on this great little trip.  I'll catch up on cross stitch on my next post!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cranberries and the Ocean!

Today, we are taking a look at cranberry growing and the little town of Westport, Wa. This is the heart of western cranberry growing.  Plus it is a small town built on the Pacific coast. Thanks so much to those of you who looked at yesterday's blog.

 Another beautiful sunny day!

 Ready for harvest!  The previous week-end, they had the Cranberry Festival.  Today it was very quiet.

Ocean spray has a huge plant in Westport.

 This machine picks and bags the berries.

 Then they come on a wagon and pick up the bags.

The fields were this lovely shade of pink.

 Downtown Westport, very much a fishing village with lots of charter boats.

We could hear these guys a quarter mile away!

 Lots of surfers-notice the wet suits! This is not Hawaii!!

I hope you are having a restful Sunday.  Thanks so much for joining me.  Tomorrow it's the Quinault Rainforest!