Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Gift and Herons!

Thanks to all of you who said such nice things about my Mother's Day post.  I enjoyed making that sampler to honor Mom and Grandma. 
My DD,Mrs. Woolpets, made this amazing gift for me.  It is a Woolpets Heron.  One day she and I sat in our favorite coffee shop and saw at least 5 of them fishing in the water near by.  She decided to make me a Heron for Mother's Day.  It is beautiful and I love it.  It will be my summer header.  I have lots of cross stitch to share, but that will be in a later post.  Have a wonderful week!!

 Here is another view of my lovely gift!  This one caught a fish!!

 This one is still trying!

We live near this little town.  We went down to Keyport to take the photos for the header and I noticed that they had put this on all the light posts for summer.
Thanks for joining me!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

I hope everyone out there is having a great day!  Of course, that includes all you Moms.  The Pastor included all kinds of women in her comments today.  Basically she included all those who take care of things.  I'm thinking of all the women who might not have children but care for them in many ways like teachers, day-care workers and the like.  I'm especially thinking of my DD and my DIL.  Laurie works with children in school and she had a home day care for many years.  Debbie is the Mom of my Grandson , Caleb , and she will be having our Granddaughter, Hannah, under fairly difficult conditions.  My hats off to them both! This post is also in loving memory of my Mom, Merna Kennedy Pike and my Grandmothers, Edith Rose Pike and Anna Lindquist  Kennedy.

 This is a BBD design I did a few years ago to honor Mom and her Mother.

 I put their birth dates under their names.

Both were born in Joliet, Illinois.  My DD and I were also born in Joliet.

 Edith Rose Pike, my Dad's Mom.

Anna Lindquist Kennedy,  Mom's Mom. I love and think about all of you today!
Thanks so much for joining me and have a wonderful week!