Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Hoh Rain Forest

First, thank you so much for joining me on this short trip to Washington's Olympic Peninsula.  Today's photos are of the Hoh Rain Forest. It is located on the West side of the Olympic Mountains so it gets all the rain and storms off the Pacific.  Very specific things need to be in place to create a temperate rain forest.  They are all present at the Hoh. It gets 12 feet of rain a year. In contrast, Seattle only gets about 38 inches a year. In July of 2006  a giant spruce came down . A shock was felt at the visitor's center and all the car alarms were set off in the parking lot. Many of the trees are 300 to 500 years old. I hope you enjoy seeing this rare and beautiful place.  Thank goodness it is protected by the national park.  Washington had many old growth forests until lumbering cut most of the trees. Because of forward thinking people, the Hoh will always be there for us to enjoy.

 There were trees as big as this all over the place.  The sweet SBA posed so you can judge how really big these trees are.

 This is called a nurse log.  There were 7 huge trees growing from one log.

The rain forest is populated by many species of animals.  We were lucky enough to see this beautiful deer or young elk, we're not sure which as there is a large elk heard in the forest .  We even saw a warning sign telling you  to avoid the elk as they had become aggressive due to people feeding them.
Again, thanks so much for joining me.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Beach!

I know that I said this post would be the Hoh Rain Forest but after coming home and looking at the pictures, I just had to do one more beach post. The rain forest will be tomorrow.   On the second morning we took a walk to a spot called "The Hole In The Wall".  You can only get there at low tide.  During high tide it is too far out in the water.  There are wonderful tide pools out there.  I hope you will enjoy one more day at the beach! By the way, if you are a "Twilight " fan, I have a few fun photos at the end.  The setting of the series was Forks , WA  the town where we stayed.  If you are not a "Twilight" fan , just stop after the last beach photo and thanks for joining me!

 At he beginning of our walk it was dark and foggy.  It is about 11 AM. This weather is very typical of our Northern Coast actually the whole west side of the Olympics.  The mountains block a lot of rain from the Seattle area.

We are now at the "Hole In The Wall."

I thought it was interesting to see the action of the wind and waves on rock!

  Looks like a heart to me!

 There was lots of the pink algae.  Or at least I think it was algae.

The Hole In the Wall!

 On our way back, the sun came out very briefly and the ocean turned a beautiful blue!!

 On the wall of a store, on the way to La Push (home of Jacob) .

This was the area where the Native Reservation started.

Thank you so much for joining me.  Tomorrow will definitely be the Hoh Rain Forest!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome to Beautiful Washington Coast

 Good morning friends! I'm so glad you could join me on this adventure.  The Northern WA coast is special in that it is part of the Olympic National Park.  That means no condos, no food stands,etc.  It is wild and beautiful! Enjoy!

Lake Crescent

 Drift Wood at Rialto Beach

 Many stones were very round thanks to the waves of the mighty Pacific.

These are called sea stacks.

 One very big log!!

We found a discarded 7-Up can.  I decided this was the ocean's message to people who leave their garbage around the beautiful beach!!

 Second Beach!  Now isn't that a clever name!!!

This is La Push.  If you are a "Twilight " fan, the home of Jacob and the werewolves.  ( A bit more of that later)

 What a treat to see pelicans on the Northern Washington coast!

An amazing sunset.  Tomorrow we will visit the Hoh Rain Forest!  Thanks for joining me!