Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Year Update!

Hi There cloud friends!  I hope 2018 is going well for you.  Things are just so so here.  The DH and I have come down with a nasty virus, lots of coughing, nose blowing, and feeling very tired in general.  Nothing serious thank goodness but enough to keep us pretty much house bound! At least I can work on my stitching and reading !! I did want to share with you some photos of our yard.  While much of the country is freezing, we are mild and rainy here.  Our weather was marvelous over the Martin Luther Week-end with temps in the 60's and sunshine.  Too bad we felt too ill to really enjoy it! I am once again working on the LHN  "Early Americans."  I had a temporary stop when I realized I did not have all my floss.  That's what happens when you buy the fabric and floss months before you stitch the project.  I was missing several colors and did not have enough of several others.  How did I ever make such a stupid error!!! I know from years of stitching that when you are using over-dyed floss, you need to buy enough for the entire project!! We all know about dye lot problems.  Well, 123 Stitch came to my rescue but I did have to spend quite a bit of money to get the floss all matching. I just put the ones that I did not have enough of into my stash and used the new matching floss for my project. A big lesson learned.

 This is much prettier in normal light.  This photo makes it look very faded.  I finished Betsy last night and have started on block two,  John Hancock.

 The daffodils are coming.

 These hellebores  have been blooming since Christmas!

 These will be blooming in February.  They are a pretty shade of pink.

  If you live in the Pacific NW you will learn to love moss and lichens.

These were both growing on the fence in my garden.

Thanks so much for joining me today.   I hope you all stay warm and healthy!!