Friday, August 19, 2011

Hurricane Hill Trail

Jim and I have gone to Hurricane Ridge several times but we never took this trail. You need to drive a bit down from the parking lot and there it is. It's a great walk and we really enjoyed ourselves. The day was just beautiful with both sun and clouds. Well, I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

This sign was at the beginning of the trail. In addition to describing the trail, it warned you about bear and mountain goats. ( A Seattle man was killed by a goat last summer).

A typical view from the trail.

We heard the loud sounds of a bird and looked up and saw this huge raven!

He'd make a great Halloween addition!

The clouds came in. I think the combination made it even prettier than just sun.

We often saw just one peak showing through the clouds.
The meadows were full of flowers.

The dead trees were stark against the mountain.

The SBA enters a cloud!

It was close to dinner time when we got back to Port Angeles. We have a restaurant the we like right on the water. The ferry that you see is heading to Victoria,BC. We have taken this ferry several times.

The SBA is again having a delightful adult beverage!

I hope you join me again tomorrow to see the incredible wild flowers of Hurricane Ridge.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hurricane Ridge

I planned on this being my blog about Hurricane Ridge. Well, we got up there and took so many pictures that it has turned into 3 blogs. This blog will show the main mountains, second will be the walk along Hurricane Hill, and finally the wildflowers! We often went up here when we visited our family out here. I call Hurricane Ridge ,"the place where I fell in love with Washington!" Since that time I have found more places to love and will share them as I go. I still find this an amazing place. I can't believe that I slept till 8, got up and had breakfast, and finally about 9:30 or so we left the house. I was back in time to dead-head my garden. To think I can day -trip to sights like this will forever amaze me.

We stopped at the visitors center down in Port Angeles to check on the weather up at the ridge. Look at the great color! This is a native tree called the vine maple.

This is a great little tree. When I first got out here, I thought the Vine Maple was a vine-wrong it's a tree!

You pass through 3 tunnels to get to the top.

Wow! Are we having a near death experience????

Mom and her fawn along the road.

We passed two little water falls.

Well, here we are!

We have never seen so much snow in the middle of August! The SBA volunteered help show the depth of the snow.

Several kids were having fun in the snow!

The meadows were just beautiful!!!!

How about a little lunch in the parking lot??

I think we are in paradise!!!!!!!!

Join me tomorrow to take a walk along Hurricane Hill.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tall Ships come to Brownsville

This mornings paper announced that the tall ships would be at a marina very close to our home. They usually come to this area each summer. They offer several different kinds of rides. A few years ago we took what was called a battle cruise. It was suppose to be like a battle these ships would have had many years ago. Today we just took pictures, no cruise. The day was beautiful -about 75 degrees and a lovely blue sky. A perfect day to view the tall ships!

This sign welcomes you to the Marina. It is about 10 minutes from our house.

The Lady Washington is considered the "state ship."

That white blob in the distance is Mt. Baker. It is an ancient volcano , the next big one north of Rainier. It is about 75 miles away from this area.

The Lady Washington appeared in one of the films of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

This is the figure head on The Lady Washington.

These old ships had so much rigging.

From the rear.

This is the Hawaiian Chieftain.

Another great figure head.

More awesome rigging.

A view from the rear.

A great day for viewing jelly fish.

Well , thanks for visiting the marina with me. Tomorrow we are going up to a place called Hurricane Ridge. I hope to have lots of great pictures.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer in Poulsbo

For the last 5 years Poulsbo has had a street dance and summer fair in mid-August. This is the first year we have gone. I think the pictures sort of capture what a small town August street fair is like. The day before was sunny , warm, and beautiful. Sat. was pretty cloudy and not as warm. Oh well, I have to remember that my goal in retirement was to live in a place where I could wear a sweat shirt of the 4th of July! Fortunately, I have found such a place and love it!

Our small harbor was full of boats. Lots of people from Seattle come over for the week-end.

The clown was there to entertain the children.

Several restaurants put tables on to the street. Usually cars would be seen here but they closed the street to traffic at 3 o'clock.

Here in the Pacific NW where summers are fairly cool, our flowers stay beautiful!

The main street

Many of the shops stayed open for the fair.

Miss Crow is surprised at all the people!!

Since Poulsbo was settled largely by Norwegians, the town has a very Norwegian feel. This mural is a new addition to Front Street(our main street).

The SBA has had enough of the fair and needs some nourishment.

Included are some adult beverages!

Do I really need desert after the beer-probably not tonight!

Do you think he enjoyed all the loud music?

Not everyone was in the street fair mood!!!!!!