Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Great Package and a Start!

I am feeling very lucky today!!! I was the winner of Anne's give-away over at her blog "Doll's Musings"( a great blog by the way).  She sent me a wonderful package of goodies.  I think I will let the photos speak for me!

 The pink and light green fabrics are just beautiful! I can always use pins and ribbon and these are so pretty.

 The scissors are wonderful, they just might get me started on a collection.  Isn't the fob cute?  I love the bees!

This photo is more true to the color.

 Anne even decorated the back.  Notice all those great floss colors!

 Great fabrics!!

This shows the cute pattern she included along with all the floss colors.

 The book will be a great place for me to keep track of the things I have stitched. Anne, thank you so much for your generous gift!!!!!!!

 Here is my start for Salem Village.  I hope to start the Mystery Sampler soon.  There was a problem with the linen and I want to say that Anita of Anita's Little Stitches took care of it at once.  She is a retailer that stands behind her sales! Thanks Anita for your prompt service!!
I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.  I won't make those of you suffering with the heat envious by telling you about the perfect weather day we had here in the NW!  Thanks so much for reading my blog!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Have a very Happy July 4th!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Good Monday!

Again, Thanks to all of you who take time to read my blog.  I love to read your comments!! They make me smile!  Well, today was a good day.  First, I got the house all cleaned that is with the SBA's help.(Yes, he loads pictures on my blog and helps me clean!!) We are having a few friends over for the 4th , so I have started planning.  The next good thing was getting my first package for the Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler.  I love the fabric and the threads.  I think this is going to be a fun stitch.  Plus, I think I can easily get part one done before part two arrives! The final good thing involves a plant.  At the store yesterday, I saw a plant called "Bombshell."  It is a hydrangea paniculata.  I came home and looked it up as it is suppose to be a dwarf with tons of flowers. It looked like something I would really like so I went back today and bought one.  So you see, it doesn't take too much to make it a good day!!

 Here is the package with the Halloween Mystery Sampler.


 I finally got the tuberous begonias in the window box.  These flowers always make me think of my Dad.  They were his favorite flower.

I hope your Mon. is going well!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Small Finish

I have been thinking about many of you and this horrible heat !! I was shocked to hear that the races at Churchill downs were cancelled due to heat!  We lived in Louisville for 17 years and that never happened.  One of the main reasons that we moved to the Pacific NW was to avoid a hot summer.  When it came time to retire that was an important factor.  We have family out here and had visited often in the summer.  It became an obvious choice for us.  I might add, one that we have never regretted!!! My thoughts have been with many of you.  Plus the poor folks in Colorado(another place we considered)! 
Well, after finishing John, I needed a small project to get me through until the Lizzie-Kate Mystery Halloween Sampler arrives. I liked LHN's , "Summer Splendor".  I had to eliminate the side border because I had a frame I wanted to use.  I got this frame years ago at a craft fair in Ohio. It has a faux wood finish.  You can use it as a free standing frame so I can put it anywhere.  I also started "Salem Village" by The Primitive Needle.  I  felt awful when the stitching community lost this artist.  I love her Halloween designs.
I hope it has been a good week-end for you and we can all look forward to a happy 4th!

The colors are much truer in this photo.  It's a bit crooked as it's not in there permanently. The SBA will stretch it tonight.
Thanks so much for taking a look!