Friday, June 7, 2013

A New Granddaughter

Yesterday at 7:09 AM, Miss Hannah Louise was born.  We feel so blessed to have her join our family! Mom and Baby are doing great! Grandma and Grandpa are delighted!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hummingbirds and Cross Stitch

Thanks so much for all the nice things you said about my Seattle photos.  Sometimes I think we all need to look at our home area like a tourist.  I know, I even appreciated it more. I'm not sure that is possible, I absolutely love the Pacific NW. We have had great luck this year with our hummingbird feeder.  That plus an almost finished J.M. Gardner are my pictures for today.  By the way, our summer has returned!  We have had beautiful days with temps in the 70's(my idea of perfect) and sunsets well after 9 pm.

 See the iridescent green? They are so pretty.  This is an Anna's Hummingbird.

 J.M. Gardner almost done.  The colors are very washed out in the photos.  In reality, the colors are very bright and beautiful.  I think they make this sampler!

 I love the arbor.

I started this yesterday.  Little Hannah is due to come into the world tomorrow. Mom is getting a c-section. We are so very excited.   We hope to meet her in July so I need to get going on her sampler!!!!
Thanks so much for joining me!!