Saturday, April 15, 2017

Finally Back!

Hi there cloud friends!  I can't believe how long it has been since I visited this blog.  I have no real excuse, no, I was not abducted by aliens!! I have noticed that some people go through times when they loose their mojo for stitching, I think I lost mine for blogging. I still enjoyed reading all of your blogs but it just seemed like to much work to do a post of my own. A few of you have been so kind as to email me to see if everything is all right.  Plus I do love this stitching community so I decided to get off my fanny and get busy.  It will take a few posts to catch up but I am motivated(I hope).  I have been busy stitching this winter,  so that is what I will share today.

 This is from a small Prairie Schooler chart that I have.  I have no idea about the fabric that I used or even the floss.  I did this about a month ago.

 This one is sitting on a dresser in the bedroom.  It is part of a Blackbird Design called "Breath of Spring."

 Here's another Blackbird Design from the book "In Friendship's Way". I still need to finish this one.

 Here's another little design from Prairie Schooler.  Those are old buttons that I found at a flee market several years ago.

 The LHN Sampler Houses are finally finished.  I used the same idea that Vonna over at the blog, "Twisted Stitcher " talked about.  She suggested putting a border around the entire design not each house.  She said it seemed more like a community that way.  I agreed and used her idea. I also used red for two houses. 
This was my only big change form the charts.

One day the sun was shining into my laundry room and it looked so pretty on this bowl of Easter eggs . I hope all of you have a very blessed Easter! I have every intention of getting back tomorrow with photos of my Spring/Easter decorations. Thanks so much for joining me today.