Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cross Stitch Update and the Heron

Hi cloud friends!  I hope this long, way too hot summer is going well for you.  We have had a week of lovely weather, highs in the 70's.  Well that all ends tomorrow.  We are back to the high 80's to low 90's.  Now you might think I am way too into the weather this summer.  Well, I am!!! Just remember we have no AC!!! As I have said before that is not uncommon up here.  Very few homes have AC, maybe 2 or 3 in our entire neighborhood.  So lots of nasty hot stuff in my near future.  Plus, I truly HATE HOT weather!!!
Well on to something more interesting.  I'm making progress on "For Thine.... " I really like the spots of color.  This has been such a fun piece to stitch.  I am now thinking about the Halloween project I will do this year for Caleb, my grandson.  I'm not sure but I do have a few ideas. He will be 10 soon so the design will have to be a bit glitzy to get his attention.
The last pictures are of the heron.  We went over to a local area hoping to see the Eagles feeding at low tide.  Well, no Eagles but a really cool heron.  They also had a fairly large area with gourds for Purple Martins.  They were very busy feeding their babies.
It is 2/3rds finished. When I am all finished with the cross stitches, I will go back and put in the straight stitches.
 This bird is about 3 feet tall.

 It is quite the hunter!!!!

 Got it! Not sure if that is a fish or what!!!!

The Purple Martin taking a short break from feeding the babies!

Thanks for joining me today!!