Friday, May 13, 2016

The House is Finished!

Hi there cloud friends!  I have been a very bad blogger and just not kept up with posting.  I have no real excuse! However, I have definitely done quite a bit of stitching.  I have always stitched one thing at a time.  That has changed for sure!  I got the idea of decorating with my patriotic things from Memorial Day to the 4th of July.  That way I will enjoy them longer. When I put things up for the 4th, they seemed to need to come down rather quickly and I love the patriotic colors. Well, I decided to make some little patriotic pillows for my antique wooden bowl.  I have 5 finished or at least the stitching is finished.  I ironed them all yesterday so now I need to get the real finishing done. I plan to add a few each year. That's not the big news!  The big news is that I have finished the very big house on Plum Street's A Ghoultide Welcome.  That vine on the left is really fun to stitch but I have to pay close attention!! I have also added a few pics from my garden.  We have been quite busy with that as we failed to get a lot done last Fall with my accident.  I hope all is well with you all and Spring is being kind.  But from your posts, I know that is not true everywhere.  We are having a very warm , dry Spring.  We are already watering!

 As I mentioned before, that house is 81 stitches wide! I am changing most of the colors in the big plant on the left.  The chart calls for NPI silks.  They are beautiful but have gotten very expensive.  I did not like the DMC equivalents at all.  So I'm going on my own.  The main orange that I am using is Gingersnap by Gentle Arts.  I am building all the other colors around that one.  The greens are fine so far. The house is Onyx by WDW. All the little stars are done in the colors suggested on the chart.

 I love this dainty little iris.  I can't get any more of these as the nursery where I bought it has gone out of business.
A few years ago I saw this iris root at the local Fred Meyers( kind of like a Walmart).  I bought it for 50% off.  This is three years later.  I finally saw these lovely blooms.  Patience payed off!

This beauty is my favorite.  Right now it has nine blooms with still more buds to come.

I hope you all have a terrific week-end!  We are suppose to cool down and get some rain.  That is good news!  Thanks for joining me today.