Friday, January 25, 2013

A Yard Walk and a Finish!

I  am so happy that many of you enjoyed the pictures of Hurricane Ridge.  If you ever get to Washington, that is a place you will want to visit!! We had a spring- like day.  It was sunny and the temps were in the high 40's or low 50"s.  We took our morning walk and then took some pictures in the yard. 
Last night I finished my second finish for the year, "Meg's Bunny."  It will be nice to have it finished for Easter and the Spring. I hope you enjoy the walk around the yard!

This is the same bush that you see in the header only without the snow.  It is a species of Dogwood called"Mid-Winter Fire".

This crab apple has kept these tiny golden crab apples all winter.

You have to like moss to survive in the Pacific NW.

I think it looks like green velvet.  Can you see the tiny drops of rain left from last night?

Raindrops on roses! 

The birds have left berries on the pyracantha.

Our Witch hazel is blooming. The entire tree is covered with these pretty yellow flowers.

More Moss except I think this might be lichen.

Just wanted to show you how green it is up here, even in January.

Here is Meg's Bunny.  It is not one of my favorites.  I am not a pastel person.  However, I decided it would be ok for the Spring season. I changed the last two lines and put our initials on one line and the initials of our Grandchildren on the last line. I was experimenting with the Lakeside Linen Pecan Butter 36 ct.  I like the linen and the count, but maybe not a good color choice for this project.  The color of the linen and the threads combined to make the project appear rather drab.  I wanted a small project to see how I liked 36 count so it did serve its purpose.
My hope is that you all have a wonderful relaxing week-end!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Mountains

First, I want to thank all of you who read my blog.  I appreciated all the comments so much!  As I mentioned in my last blog, we have had very odd weather.  It is cold and foggy at sea level and warm and sunny in the mountains. The SBA and I decided to take a trip up to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park  to see if the weather reporters were correct.  They were!! I have often said that this is the place where I fell in love with Washington.  I don't think I have ever seen it as beautiful as it was on Sunday!! Enjoy the pictures!

 This is the way it looked at our house.

 Ok, it is getting better.

This was on the way up to the top.

 The SBA agreed to model so I could show you how deep the snow is. The really strange thing was how warm it was.  I just wore a fleece shirt and no coat and I was totally comfortable.

From the top!

 Here is the lodge where we had coffee. They rented ski things.

 When I saw this, I said," I think we have walked far enough!!!"

 This is Mt. Baker.  It is across Puget sound from the Olympics, it is in the Cascades.  From high up you could see for miles.

Oh , oh, time to head home and back to this!

The end of a beautiful day!!!!! Have a wonderful week!