Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cross Stitch and Spring!

Greetings to all of you my dear "cloud friends!" Actually that is what my DH calls all of you, my cloud friends. I think that fits pretty well.  Last Fall I joined the Ladies Prim Society at Dyeing to Stitch.  I had seen so many wonderful designs coming from that group.  My biggest problem is I often want a different color or size of linen.  I still think it is worth it to get the charts!.  After all, this addiction is much cheaper that alcohol or drugs.(I'm very good at rationalizing). Last Fall Blackbird designs put out a chart called Bittersweet September. I am now working on that design. I have looked all over for the one that came out in 2013 but I can't find it.  I do understand about belonging to the group and I'm happy to have done that again this year(2015) .  It's a bit out of season, but I am loving the design!
At the end of the post, I have included a few more pictures of our amazing and beautiful spring!  I hope you enjoy seeing them.

 I chose to stitch this on 32ct.  The kit included a piece of 36 ct.  I will use that later.  I had to buy some  floss as I knew that I would be doubling the amount of floss that I would need by stitching with 2 strands instead of one.  I did use the colors that the kit called for.  They are wonderful warm Autumn colors. This border has really been fun to stitch .  I'm still not finished with it.  No frogging yet! Yea!

 Some eyelet stitches go in the spaces by the gold flowers.

 We planted these bulbs last fall and lost the package.  We are not sure what they are.  They are tiny and very close to the ground.

 This is the end of our daffodils.  I will miss them.

 The bleeding heart is full of flowers.

This is my second one.  I love the chartreuse color of the leaves.

Thanks so much for joining me today.  I so appreciate the time you take for blogging!  Have a very Happy week-end!