Thursday, August 21, 2014

SAL Update and Road Trip

It's time for the Thurs. update on the "Away We Ride" SAL that I am doing with Ranae at the blog, "Stitch by Stitch." If you haven't followed her blog , you are missing a wonderful blog.  Go over and take a look.  I am splitting my time between this project and the a gift I am making for a friend. I know many of you do rotation stitching, but I tend to be a one project stitcher till I finish.  This is forcing  me to be more flexible.  
Last week we took a short road trip North of Seattle.  We wanted to drive up the Mt. Baker Highway.  It is suppose to be one of the prettiest drives in Washington.  After weeks of sunny weather, the clouds came in.  I'm not really complaining but we were not able to go up the mountain.  Most likely we would not have been able to see much at all.  So we visited a little town, an island , and spent a night with my DH's brother and SIL. 

 When I stitch on this again, I plan to finish the border.  I really like the GA color Pumpkin pie!

 This weeks dahlia collection.  Remember 12 stems for $4! I can't beat that!

 All the road trip pictures are from Camano Island.

 It looks like the heron is trying to talk to us! or tell us to go away!

 I love this little yellow beach house!

 Thanks so much for joining me today!