Saturday, January 17, 2015

Seahawks Fever-Part 2

We had a bit of shopping to do today so I brought the camera along.  Just in case you thought I was exaggerating take a look.  The first series of pictures are just in our small neighborhood.  There were more than I'm showing because they were the same type flags.

 Notice the house lights

  This is my favorite flag.

 These numbers  are about 4 feet high.

 Now we are heading into town.

 At the grocery store

 After the doughnut I did not but these!

 Now we are a the auto parts store.

 A good sense of humor!

 Back home at the DH's Seahawk shrine.

 We would love another one of these!

Sorry if this is boring , I will soon be back to cross stitch!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Seahawk's Fever

Once again Seahawk fever has hit the region!!!!! My DD and I met for coffee this morning and the majority of people we saw had on Seahawk clothing , sweat shirts, tee shirts, hats even jewelry and scarves.  There are signs and flags everywhere.  Here is my little contribution for today.

  Here you have a famous Seattle Seahawk doughnut!!

 Made by the famous Top Pot coffee and doughnut cafe!

The fans are all known as the 12's.  There are 12 signs all over.  I gave the DH a 12 jersey for Christmas.
Thanks for joining me and

Go Hawks!!!!!!!!!