Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Catch Up!

Hi there cloud friends.  We have had a busy time since Christmas.  First, I want to let you  know that according to the surgeon, my back has fused as he hoped it would.  Thank Goodness! That means that PT can get harder.  I am actually happy about that.  I saw a diagram of all the tiny muscles in the back.  Mine have done very little since that difficult day in Sept.!! That means that I still have quite a bit of discomfort in my back.  The only way to get better is exercise and strengthen those very lazy muscles.   I do my series of exercises everyday faithfully!!  Thanks to all of you who have wished me well.
I have been able to stitch all along(thank heavens or I would have gone crazy).  Books , cross stitch, and my wonderful DH have kept me from going crazy!! I'll show you the stitching I have been up to.

 This was my first finish of the year.  It is LHN "Christmas in the Country" from The Sampler Tree Ornament Series.   I am in the process of getting several of these finished.  This is the last one to be completed. Finally a house that isn't red! The color of all of my designs is very poor today due to the dark day we are having.

 I was waiting for some linen to be delivered so why not stitch a Halloween design!  I have this in my to do basket and it was all ready to go.  It is a PS design called,"Knock! Knock!" I will just keep this in the basket and when I finish a design if I have to wait for supplies to come in the mail, I will work on this one. I do plan to add color.

 Here is the design I am stitching on now.  I am not using the black linen.  I am using Lakeside Linen Sand Dune.  That is requiring me to change a few floss colors.  I didn't like the idea of stitching on black linen and I stitch for fun!  It's that simple.
Yea! The border meets.  When I am stitching a piece with a border, I always do the simplest part of the border.  That way if I have to frog, I won't have as much to deal with.  Now I can go back and add the details.

I will close with a photo of our amazing Olympic Mountains. We are all so happy to have all that snow this year.  If it is a sunny day, this is my view as I go shopping! I think I'm very lucky!! 
Thanks so much for joining me today! Have a wonderful week!