Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Halloween Mystery Sampler and a spider web!

First, I want to thank all of you who commented on my blog and said such nice things about the Witches that were made by my daughter.  She reads my blog and also extends her thanks!(Lucky Laurie is at the beautiful Pacific beaches this week). I have finished all the cross stitches in the Halloween Sampler.  Now I have all the satin stitches,charms, and beads  to add.  We are going out of town next week so I hope to have it done by Mon.  that way , I can order the frame so it will be available when we get home.

 I really like that candy corn border!

Ready for the satin stitch grass!

 See those little leaves, they gave me fits till I got a rhythm going!

I may be crazy, but I think these webs are beautiful.  We saw this as we opened our garage door the other morning to go for a walk!
I hope you are all having a terrific week!  Our weather is beautiful , sunny and 70's.  I could enjoy it if it weren't for the lack of rain that is causing so many fires out here!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Witches and Mountains!

Thanks to all of you who looked at the blog and commented on the Mystery Sampler and the "Witches Garden." The end of the week got crazy busy!  On Thurs. we went to the mountains for a picnic with friends and Fri. was volunteer at the school day. Then on Sat.  our DD and SIL took us to the city.  We owed Kevin a birthday dinner.  We told the kids if you show us the way, we will treat you both to dinner.  We took the ferry, a city bus, the light rail, and finally the Seattle Street Car to a terrific restaurant called Cactus!  As you can tell, we needed them to show us the way!! We had a great time! Today, I started getting out the Halloween decorations. Since I have more followers this year, I'll show my things as they go up.  I have collected witches for many years. Of all that I have, my Woolpet witches made by my DD are my favorites!! So today that's what I'll share.

 I think they all have such personality!

Little green face is the first one she made for me.  I put it on top of my Halloween tree!

I just love all of these!!!!!!!! Laurie is such an artist! 

 Here is the site of the picnic.  Our beautiful Olympic Mountains! It was very hazy due to the fires in Eastern Washington.

 There was still a bit of snow in the shade.

 On our way home from Church we stopped at my favorite nursery.  They had these pansies.  They are called orange whisker.  I love to put them in containers with black plants for Halloween!

All their outdoor pots were 40% off!  Who could resist!
Have a wonderful week!!!!