Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Linen and a Spring -Like Walk

Thanks so much for all your comments concerning my linen problem.  The good news is that I have all the pieces that I had to order.  So I put Halloween aside in the WIP pile and have started "Slicker Bunny".  It is the perfect project for Spring in Seattle.  I think you will agree that the Lakeside Linen, Flagstone, is a great gray color!! All of the Mardi Gras decorations came down today as is the tradition.  Next year, we will put them up a bit earlier. The DH and I hated to take them down, they were so festive.
It rained all night and we woke up to fairly warm sunny day.  It was a beautiful day until about 3 o'clock when our next rain storm moved in.  We took our camera on our walk.  I hope you enjoy seeing all the signs of spring!

It doesn't look much like a bunny yet but I do love the color!

The hyacinths are coming up.  They are right outside the front door. I think they smell wonderful!

A double hellebore.  It has to be held up as this variety looks down.  We are now buying only the ones that face upward.

 Company for the goofy daffodil.

Blooms of sorts on the contorted filbert.

 Such a  fresh green color after a night of rain.

 Raindrops on emerging tulips.

We walk this way many times a week.  Why did we never notice this before!!
A very early Rhododendron.

We saw so many crocuses.

This is called the Lilly-of-the-Valley bush. The correct name is Pieris.  There are several varieties of this plant.

Such pretty little iris.

Last but not least, here is a planter we bought in Arizona.  I put it  just outside the door to the deck.  We can see it clearly from the kitchen.
Thanks for joining me today!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Frustrations and Mardi Gras

Thanks so much for taking time to read my blog!  I appreciate all the nice things you said about my Olympic Stitch.  Ever since I finished with that one, I have had problems.  First, I wanted to stitch "Slicker Bunny" only to realize I had purchased the wrong count linen.  It was the perfect gray color of Seattle skies so I really wanted to use the Lakeside linen -Flagstone.  I went to the trusty computer and ordered the right size.  Next, I decided to work on the antique sampler.  If you have been following my blog for awhile, you will remember the antique sampler my sister gave me and we charted (we meaning my DH who helped chart).  I had tons of trouble with the linen color and the floss color.  I made some decisions on what I thought would fix the problem.  It didn't!  So back to the original linen to start over- oh dear, I forgot that I had cut it up for another project-back to the trusty computer to get more of the original linen.  What to do while I wait for the linen??!!  pick up an old Halloween WIP! I will be glad to get the linen! That's the problem with not having a LNS!
Last week we had a few lovely Spring-like days so the DH and I decorated the front of the house for Mardi Gras. Many of you may not realize  that Mobile and the surrounding little towns celebrate the holiday.  In fact, they tell you that Mardi Gras actually started in Mobile not New Orleans.  We were down there visiting my step-Mom a few years ago and I bought the decorations right after Fat Tuesday as they were all half price! I think the folks up here wonder what on earth we are doing with all the beads, etc. on our front porch.  The people down there take this holiday very seriously and have wonderful decorations.  I hope you enjoy seeing them.

 Current WIP, I think it is called Witches Nine.  It is an old design by the Primitive Needle. I so miss her wonderful designs!

Our front door.  I won't tell you the problem my DH had getting this 1/2 price wreath home-or what the cost was!!!!

We have bags of beads! So we used the hooks for Christmas lights and hung a few strings of beads!

 Now we are in Southern Alabama.  Enjoy! This parade was in the delightful town of Fairhope.

 There were very elaborate floats!

The rest of the photos show you how various homes and businesses were decorated. Most pictures were taken in Fairhope and Daphne AL.

 Thanks for joining me today.  I hope you all have had a great week-end!