Saturday, January 15, 2011

A few Christmas Finishes

I haven't been posting for a bit. I have a new improved husband-that is he now has a new Knee! We are both glad to finally have it done. We love to walk and be outdoors in the beautiful Pacific NW and his very painful knee has really slowed him down. Hopefully by spring all will be well. One advantage of having him in the hospital is, I got lots of stitching done. I'm on my last square for my shortened version of "Autumn at Hawk run Hollow." It's too messy to take a picture but it should be done within a few weeks. I have done 9 blocks so my final product will be a square. The 2x6 squares seemed too long for me. I do like the shape of this one. To have some pics on my blog, I have decided to show two ornaments I did for Christmas. More correctly, they are finishes for next year as I still have to frame or finish them in some way. Many of the bloggers have really nice finishes so I have lots of ideas. Now to get them done before next year. I also bought several more ornaments while at my favorite shop in Huntsville. I always spend time there when I visit my family. My dear daughter-in-law said"How can you spend so much time in such a small shop?" Well it's chock full and I could probably spend many more hours and lot of money.
Also my wonderful daughter and son-in-law gave me an ipod for Christmas. They know I love a local garden show and books on tape so now I can listen to pod casts and more books! Lucky me for having such a great family!

This is a JBWdesign , "Christmas Tree." I stitched it on 40ct. white Belfast linen.The photo doesn't look white but the red,DMC 355, on pure white was very pretty. I did this as an experiment to see how I liked stitching on 40ct. I did!

This is "Christmas Spot Sampler" by Ewe&Eye Friends. I really enjoyed doing this one. It is done on my usual fabric 32ct. Belfast linen, antique ivory. I think I did make the red a bit darker than called for.

Well, off to watch a movie that we taped last night!