Thursday, January 8, 2015

Beach Walk and Cross Stitch

I know that so much of our country is just freezing right now!  I have a very dear friend in Chicago who keeps me up to date.  Last year the same thing happened with the polar vortex.  While much of the country was freezing , we were mild.  In fact, the weather people are beginning to worry as our snow pack in the mountains(where we get much of our summer water) is only 52% of what it should be.  Well, yesterday was beautiful and we took a beach walk.  I hope you enjoy the pictures, we had a great walk. 

 My progress on PS Weather.

 View from the beach across Puget Sound.

Two of  my favorite things, mountains, and water.

 Guarding the beach!!

 The sea-weed was especially colorful yesterday! Plus I love seeing all the beach textures.

 Thanks for joining me and have a wonderful day!!