Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Cross Stitch Update

I really appreciated all your nice comments about the Spring road trip.  Every day it is more Spring-like here.  Even the rain is great because everything looks so green and fresh afterwards.  New things seem to be coming up each day in the yard.  Now for cross stitch.  First, I'll show you the Slicker Bunny .  We found a frame at Micheals that fit the design perfectly so it was a nice cheap framing experience!  Now I am back to the antique sampler.  I did find a few pictures, as last time I posted about it several people said the link didn't work for them.  My big issue was how much to stick to the original when I did not like the colors.  Since I am not a designer, I decided to make the sampler in colors that I will like.   The design will be true to the original sampler, but not the colors. So far , I am liking it better than I ever did with my other starts.

 We are having true Slicker Bunny" weather!!

 The start of the antique sampler.

The front of the original.  It is very faded!

Bottom of the original

 Top of the original

 The very bright back of the original.  We originally tried to match these colors.  I would get one line done and think , " No these colors will look awful in my house. They are way too bright."

I sincerely hope I will be honoring Elizabeth Garbutt by stitching the sampler even though I am changing her colors!
I will be spending some time with family for the next 10 days.  I might not get to blogging as often as I like.  I will see everyone in 10 days for sure.  Hopefully with lots of the old sampler stitched.