Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cross Stitch and Flowers

I am hoping that by now most of you are experiencing a lovely Spring.  We have our usual supply of rain but have had several lovely days.  I took some Spring flower pictures yesterday. There is so much green everywhere you look.  I think of Autumn as my favorite season but Spring is certainly beautiful here in the NW.
I'm still busy working on the antique sampler.  Yesterday I found a history/genealogy group in the region of England that Elizabeth is from.  I emailed them about the sampler and hope to hear from them.  According to a dear British friend, Yorkshire is a lovely region of England.  Her small village is called Ingleby Greenhow.  I have a band to do tonight and then all the family initials.  I think I am finally finished with the alphabets.  I can't wait to get to the motifs at the bottom.
I do have a bit of personal information to share with you.  A week from Friday I am going to have knee replacement surgery.  The time seems right as I am in good condition and sooner or later this would be necessary.  My walking is limited to about 30 minutes a day and with our beautiful summer coming, I want to be able to do much more than that.  I am looking at the recovery time as lots of time to read and stitch-two of my favorite things!!  Of course with lots of PT worked in!!I hope to keep all my blogging and answering blogs up to date.

 I would say it is about half done.

 Some of the letters are done in a way that I have not stitched before,  maybe unique to this 10 year old.

We planted several different kinds of daffodil bulbs to flower at different times.  We have had a daffodil blooming in the yard since January!

 I love the color of this Japanese Maple.

Do you remember my orange whiskers that I planted in the Fall?  They survived the winter and are putting on quite the show.
Thanks for joining me today!