Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Little Thanksgiving Decorating

This just seems to be Dr. time for us. I'm getting better by inches not feet and today the SBA had a minor procedure. We are planning a nice get away when this is all over!!!A good friend said," After fifty it's all patchwork!" Anyway I did get some Thanksgiving stuff up before last Fri. and I 'm finally getting interested in decorating again! Thank Goodness!! The desk and the blanket chest in the pictures are in the entry. I do like to do seasonal things with them.

When I get the Quaker Thanksgiving done and framed, I'll be putting it on the desk top. The little kids might have to move. I'll have to see.

The tree looks very sparse! Hopefully I'll feel like shopping soon(maybe tomorrow). If I can't find anything at my favorite little shops in town(I like to give them my business), I saw some cute glittery acorns by Bethany Lowe. They would add a lot to the tree. Mr. Woolpets Raven and a few Woolpet pumpkins add great color.

I've had these for a long time. Just thought they were cute!

I can't picture my desk in the fall without this wonderful little mouse peeking out of the beautiful pumpkin. Of course, it was made by my TALENTED daughter!

I showed my blanket chest before with my Tom Jones pumpkins. We got this great piece at an auction years ago in Louisville. We went to the auction expecting to buy some smalls. Well people weren't buying all this wonderful furniture. This came up. The SBA was just coming back from getting a hot dog and I said," BID!" This is late 17 or early 1800's. It is all hand planed. Obviously one of my favorite pieces. We got it for $350 and several years ago we were offered $1200 for it.

I got this at a favorite candle store "Illusions" which is no longer in business.

Got that turkey finished !! I guess there is some advantage to sitting around!

Thanks so much for joining me and I do love the comments!!! They are so kind!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A few Cross Stitch Catch Ups

Well, as the poem goes,"Dull November brings the blast," sounds like our very cool weather. However, we did have a nice sunny day! I have a few photos of the current projects! As I'm recovery from some so -called minor surgery, I'm getting a lot of cross stitch done. I also started a new book, "Nightwoods" by Charles Frazier. So far I find it very interesting. I loved his book ,Cold Mountain from several years ago. This book is very different from Cold Mountain as far as the time of the story is concerned. Will write more about it as I go.

I've had this cute little pillow for quite a long time. I think a moth got at it but I keep it for the pattern!

This one of the Prairie Schooler monthly series. I used the recommended fabric and floss. I use the frame for several designs which saves on framing costs.

This looks so drab! Sorry for the photo quality. It does however, look super in this frame. This is another frame I use for other designs. (Remember "Witchy).

It was fun doing the other stitches on the pumpkin and turkey's tail.

Here's progress on the Quaker Thanksgiving. Again I'm not too happy with the colors. They are actually very lovely.

The pumpkin was fun. Today, I'm working on the turkey. Maybe I'll have it finished tomorrow.
Thanks for taking a look!

Monday, November 7, 2011

End of the Trip!

The end of our fall trip took us to Southern Ohio. Considering we lived for many years in Louisville , it was a bit like coming home. On Sat. am we went for a great walk in a nature preserve. On Sun. afternoon my niece took me for a drive to look at old houses. While I do LOVE the Pacific NW, I miss the old homes that you see in other parts of the country. We were flying home through Nashville so we needed to pass through Louisville. We only had about 30 minutes to spare so we were not able to see any friends but did get a drive by our old house.

A view of the mighty Ohio River from the nature preserve.

Now we can grow many things here in the NW , but the one thing we can't grow is the wonderful vine bittersweet! It was growing wild in the nature preserve!

Such beautiful berries. One market here sold branches-$15 for a handful!!!

When my niece and I were looking at old houses, we saw an open house right next door to this home. They were built in the early 1800's. The one we saw had original fireplaces and much original wood trim-just wonderful!!! Good thing I love the NW or I would have bought the house on the spot!!

I love old stone foundations!

Here's the home we had in Louisville.

I think a Halloween lover bought it from the people we sold it to.

Right down the street, I saw more Halloween lovers! Makes me feel good!

Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me. Tomorrow, I'm posting Thanksgiving decorating and cross stitch.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The trip that Halloween interupted!

When we went on our trip this fall, we also visited our family in Ohio. We had a great-niece that we had never met. We were very anxious to see this new member of our family (her Mom and Dad too)! Plus my sister and brother-in-law came up from Florida so we had a sort of mini family reunion. We had lots of fun over four days!! It was great seeing everyone and little miss Shea is such a doll(even though she was teething and entering the terrible two's a bit early!!) She looks much like her Mom did at that age with a nice sprinkle of Daddy thrown in for good measure!!

Isn't that the face of a little angel??

Getting ready for a trip to the pumpkin farm!

Love that bow!!

Mommy and Shea at the pumpkin farm!!

The great family photo- my niece Brooke, the SBA, Shea , and my sister Cathy.

The tee shirt said "Totally Wicked Cute" so true!

The SBA has always wanted a second little Grand-daughter! I think this is as close as he will get. They did get along very well!

Does it get any cuter???

On Sun. AM we went to the zoo. It was a wonderful zoo and our family has a family membership so they know all the really good spots. She was all dressed in her costume.

She loves the petting zoo. Daddy had to keep a good hold!

Steve, Cathy, Brooke, Bill , and Shea! The 5 objects of our visit!

The animals had been given pumpkins! What fun watching these huge bears try to get into a pumpkin!