Monday, July 13, 2015

Stitching, Flowers, and a Really Big Boat!!

Hi Dear Cloud Friends, I  hope all is going well in your parts of the world.  Thank goodness we have had a break in the heat.  With lots of clouds, the temps have been in the beautiful 70's! However, more heat is expected by this week-end! Still no rain and the fires continue to be a problem in  Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.
I am still working on "For Thine is the Trick or Treat".  I am really enjoying it as I was in the mood for both a Quaker  and a Halloween.  I may break my pattern of doing one design at a time and start a few small ones for Fall.  By the way, the Hallmark shop had Fall candles and Halloween cards! Yea!  I always feel guilty when I feel this way as my dear Mom always told us that it was wrong to wish your life away!!
My last pictures are of the aircraft carrier "Stennis"  We had our duty at the lighthouse last Fri. and this huge Navy ship was going past and out to sea. It was fun to see.

 I decided to use gold on some of the stars and the moons, white on the skeletons, orange(a nice subtle shade of orange) on the pumpkins, and all the rest black.

 The lilies are now blooming in the garden.

 My DH is about 6 ' so look how tall that plant is growing!!

 This year I have fallen in love with annual rubeckias.  If we have a mild winter some will come back.  But they are worth planting even if they don't return.

 This one came back this year!

 The Stennis!

 I wanted to show you how huge this boat is so I used that good sized sailboat to compare with the Stennis.

Thank you so much for joining me and have a great week!