Friday, September 16, 2011

A Halloween Favorite

Each year one of my favorite things is to get out my Halloween stuff. Because we'll be gone for part of Oct., I am doing it a bit early this year. I thought I'd show one of my favorite cross stitches. I did this many years ago but I still put it in a special spot. It is called"Three Gables."
It is by The Cricket Collection. I'm sure I used the recommended fabric and floss because at that point in my cross stitching, I went by their suggestions. Now, I change things to suit me. I do like this ,however, and don't think I would change anything. You will notice the clever matting. I had this framed at a shop in Louisville that has since gone out of business(very sad, a great shop!) They had a very creative framer and the mat was his idea.

The whole house!

This is the upper floor.

A clay wreath.

I started in the middle of the lower windows. I did not look carefully and check my rows. I assumed it was symmetrical. When I got to the top, I couldn't make a point!! At least a week of frogging. (In cross stitch language, that means ripping out!)

A cute witches broom!

Love the spider web and iron gate!

A very cute Victorian door. Can you see the ghost eyes?
Thanks so much for looking and have a wonderful week-end!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Haalloween, the night of Revelry

One of my favorite cross stitch designers was Lisa Roswell of the Primitive Needle. We lost Lisa last winter to a horrible accident. I'm slowly acquiring many of her patterns that I want to stitch. She loved Halloween and witches. So many of her designs reflect that love. Each year since he was born, I do a cross stitch for my Grandson Caleb. They are kind of for his Mommy too, since he would rather have a Star Wars figure! This year , as a sort of tribute to Lisa, I'm stitching "Halloween Revelry." This pattern was published in the magazine"Just Cross Stitch", October 2009. I went to some lengths to get a copy of this magazine last year as they usually sell out. I'm so glad I did. I'm not too far along but better hurry as we are going to visit our family in Oct. So far, I'm using WDW Sweet potato for the orange and DMC 310 for the black . Charcoal was called for but I was not able to get any quick enough to start the work. I'm stitching on 32 ct. antique ivory just because I had plenty of that in my stash! Sorry for the wrinkles and poor photos but you can get the idea.

I do love the pumpkin and cat border. The witch hat is just getting started.

Don't you love the cat's orange eyes?!

The main part is full of all kids of designs and black stars.

She's going to be fun to stitch!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Personal Tribute on 9/11

While I hope we never forget what happened on 9/11/01 , let's also not forget the consequences of that day. Many more lives were changed. My son and daughter- in -law served a total of 3 tours in Iraq. This post is a tribute to them and all those who were affected that day and all the days to follow.

Here's Debbie in Iraq.

Debbie was in Iraq very early in the war.

Doing her job. She lived in tents and lived through sandstorms.

Here's Jeff in Iraq. He is a Blackhawk pilot!

Doing his job!

Jeff was gone 15 months on his last tour. This is a picture he sent home to Debbie and Caleb who turned 2 while Daddy was gone.

We will forever be Thankful that they came home safely!!