Thursday, May 30, 2013

Seeing Seattle like a tourist

This last week the DH's Granddaughter was visiting.  Of  course, she wanted to see Seattle.  It was lots of fun seeing this lovely city from the point of view of a tourist.  Enjoy! By the way, at the end I do have a picture of the framed "This is the Day."

This is called Gas Works Park.  You can see the skyline of the city from there.  It is also the place where the July 4th fireworks are held.

 From the Space  Needle

The fish market at Pike Place Market.

Can you believe the price of that salmon??!!

Now these are very tasty sauteed in a little butter.

My favorite part of the market is the flowers!

I had never seen fringed poppies.

 This is not my idea of the perfect frame but the size was perfect so out went the old picture!

Thanks so much for joining me today!!