Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Christmas Walk Around Poulsbo

You all  said so many nice things about the Christmas Garden.  I appreciate it so very much!! I'm having fun with the PS Santa.  However, I'm already planning the next big one.  I have gone through my sampler charts and right now it looks like it will be Mary Gibson.  I love the houses in that sampler.  I will have to get fabric and threads together. Today was a very nice day so we decided to go into town (Poulsbo) and take some photos.  We noticed on Sun. that many of the shops were all decked out for the season.  I hope you enjoy seeing our little town!

This is the view going into Poulsbo from our home.

 You can see this from a side street in town.

What season is this??!!

 Our favorite coffee shop.

 From the main street. The name is Front Street.

 This is a restaurant where summer dining is so nice outside.

 This shop belongs to an artist who is famous for her rain designs.

Just a little house on a side street.

 This is a common winter resident, the female bufflehead diving duck.(I think!)

This gull thought it was a bit cold.  It was all puffed up.
Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A "Christmas Garden " finish

I 'm glad many of you enjoyed seeing Pike Place Market in it's Christmas finery.  If it had not been raining, there would have been more photos. I did make my deadline and finished CG on Fri. night!  Yesterday I washed it and got it ready for framing.  The SBA(super blog assistant-he loads the photos) is my framer.  So now I have to wait till he is in the mood.  He's actually a great help and will probably do it soon.  On another note, last night we went to see The Irish Rovers Christmas Concert.  It was great.  If you like Irish music and get a chance to see them, go for it! I have also included in this post my next project. I'm doing a PS Santa. I need a small project for a change.  I'm beginning to think about my next big project.  This year I want to do more reproduction or at least that type of samplers. I hope you all have had a terrific week-end!

 I just placed the frame over the piece.  Sometimes you get a better picture without the glass anyway.

I am so glad that I decided to stitch the alphabet.  I got the idea from another blog, "A Gentleman's Sampling" .  Then I googled the idea and found many people wanted to do the same thing.   Some even skipped that part altogether. The initials that you see belong to our parents.

I have fallen in love with the color GA Heirloom Gold.  Please notice this magnificent frame from Valley House Primitives.  It goes so well with the colors in this design! Due to our light, all the photos are a bit darker than they actually appear. We have had DAYS!!! of rain and dark!

Here is the next project.  See the Santa with the sunflower. If I stitch him on 32ct. he will fit into one of my faux finished 5x7 frames.

This time of year we all  here in the Pacific NW need a bit of sun and cheer. So this design seemed perfect.
I wish you all a wonderful week ahead!