Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!!!

First, I want to thank all of you for the wonderful comments about my Halloween projects.  I hope Caleb likes Halloween as much as his Grandmother.  Before I get to the subject of today's blog, I want to tell you about an unbelievable give-away over at Merry Wind Farm.  Melinda is being extremely generous with her give away.  You need to go over there to find out all about it!!!!
Seven years ago today a wonderful little boy entered our life. He has brought his Grandpa and me so much joy and happiness so...

First day of first grade!

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Halloween Cross Stitch

Thanks to all of you who looked and commented on my last post.  I will be sure to post about what I do with the book and  "Salem village" as I decorate for Halloween.  I have finished all I am going to do on the Lizzie Kate Mystery Halloween Sampler Part 2.  I am waiting to do some of the borders and a few colors that I'm not so sure about.  There are beads and  charms that I will put on at the end also there are some fairly long straight stitches to do later.  That means that I'm back to "Halloween Town."  This is the one that I'm doing for my Grandson, Caleb.  As I have mentioned, I do a Halloween project for him each year.  He will be 7 tomorrow.  I don't have pictures of all of them but I thought I'd show you a few.

 Lizzie Kate Halloween Sampler.  You can see where there are spaces for the things I have skipped for now.

 I need to get lots done on this but I was so happy the border came together!! Yea!

 This is the first one I did for Caleb when he was first born.  I even had to call Mom and Dad to get the middle name.  They had not picked one yet.  I was so happy they picked Kennedy.  That was my Mom's maiden name.

 Not sure when I did this one.  It is a Homespun Elegance design.

This one was lots of fun to stitch.

 Here is last year's design.  It was in a Just Cross Stitch  magazine .  The design was done by Lisa of the Primitive Needle.  I so miss her designs.  I have bought several of them for future stitching.

Last but not least, I did this one for my Daughter -in-law(Caleb's Mom). It was a small kit.

Hope your week is going very well.  I had a super day with my DD. We went blueberry picking! Thanks again for taking a look!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

My purchase & Salem Village

I am so happy that many of you enjoyed seeing the Halloween  eye candy.  Thanks for taking a look and thanks to those who made a comment.  That place is just amazing at Christmas as well as Halloween.  This will be a short post but I will show you what I bought-you didn't think I could go there without buying something did you? As I have shown on the blog, I did a cross stitch called "Salem Village"  by The Primitive Needle.  I hope to do something with these two things together.

 Here is the back of the fake book.

 This is what you see when it is on the book stand.

 Here are the two together.  I'm not quite sure how I'll arrange this , but it will be fun working it out!
 I hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eye Candy for Halloween Lovers!!!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments.  We all lead very busy lives and I so appreciate the time you take to read and comment on my blog!!  Yesterday we went across the water to visit the SBA's great family that lives north of Seattle.  My wonderful SIL told me about this awesome shop called Wieghts (pronounced Whites. ) They have a great plant nursery and super gift shop that they decorate for every holiday.  We went early enough for a stop at Wieghts on the way.  All the decorations were up for Halloween.  I hope you will enjoy seeing the amazing decorations as much as I enjoyed visiting the shop!!

Thanks again for visiting!!!