Sunday, June 24, 2018

Cross Stitch and Birds!

Hi cloud friends,  Yes I know that is a strange title.  By the end of my post, you will understand it.  First, thank you Jo, of Serendipitous Stitching , for figuring out a way to get comments back on our emails.  I know several others have done the same work for us bloggers but I used Jo's plan so I am thanking her.  Now, it's time to share stitching.

 I really enjoyed stitching  the 1861 Antique Sampler by BBD in the book "In Friendship's Way."  I love the note that said when the ladies bought the old sampler they noted the date of 1861.  That was the year Abraham Lincoln was elected.  This young ladies world was about to change forever. I did make lots of color changes!!

 For now it is framed in a beautiful frame made by Janet at Valley House Primitives.  The frame is for my Grim Gourds so this sampler is just borrowing the frame for awhile till I decide exactly what to do with it.

 This is my current project " Basketful of Summer Time" by With Thy Needle and Thread. I am considering doing all 4 seasons in this group.  She has done Spring and Summer.  When I see the other two, I will decide. That dog is so cute!

Now for the birds! Every year we have a very low tide in the summer.  There is one particular beach that attracts the eagles.  We counted 25 of them all feasting on the beach goodies.  I like this photo because I caught two of them facing opposite directions.  I call it ,"Which way should we go now?"

 While we were standing on a dock, this juvenile bald eagle flew very close to us.  It just sat there for the longest time.  It is lacking the white head but look at those talons and the beak!

 The same dock area has tons of purple martin houses.  Here is a baby waiting for dinner.  That eagle made the parents very nervous!!!

A beautiful heron just patiently waiting for a fish.  I felt like this was bird paradise!
Thanks so much for joining me today.  I hope all your comments show up on my emails so I can respond.  That is the part of blogging that makes us friends! Have a wonderful week!