Friday, November 23, 2012

The Day After and The Christmas Garden

As the title says, it's the day after!!  We had 8 for dinner.  That's not too many and we had a combination of friends and family.  All in all it was a great day. We are not the shopping types so Black Friday is something we totally avoid.  I was proud  that we did go to the Y. We walked the track and did several machines.  (Do you think that maybe we felt a bit guilty???)  Our DD and SIL were part of our guests and Laurie made me the most adorable Pilgrim girl as a hostess gift.  I am so lucky to be the Mother of such a sweet and talented young lady!!

 Is she not adorable?

 Down to one week and counting!! Tonight I will finish the motifs. See that last little one on the far right. Then there is a band to do, finish the border,  add the ititials of our parents, and finally the alphabet(I'm not stitching the words, " Christmas Garden". I have seen the alphabets done on other blogs and really like the way it looks.(Thank goodness for blogs).

These are two of my favorite motifs. If you used a larger count, they would be lovely stitched alone.

 Almost done!

This absolutely beautiful frame from Valley House Primitives arrived today.  It beat the cross stitch!  Thanks so much Janet for getting it to me so quickly! It looks perfect with the project. 
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and will have a good week-end ahead!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Christmas Garden" and Thanksgiving cactus!

I like to start my post with a thanks.  I appreciate all of you who take time to look at it and a special thanks to those who comment! Again, many of you were so kind with comments about Laurie's Woolpets! Thanks so much!  I have been working very hard on the BBD Christmas Garden.  I put a goal of finishing by Dec. 1, not sure I'll make it.  I ordered a frame from my favorite frame makers, Valley House Primitives.  Their frames are just amazing.  I never see faux finished frames out here so when I have a special project, I order from them.  In addition to beautiful work, they are so nice to work with. The SBA does a good job of stretching so this should be ready to enjoy before Christmas.  The biggest change I made was in the red color.  I think I mentioned this before so I won't go into it again.  This will be a busy week for many of us who are having friends and family for dinner on Thanksgiving.  I still plan to stitch in the evening so I can keep to my schedule!  Have a wonderful week!!

I was able to order the frame because I did the border first. I still have to finish the flowers (or berries).

This motif took 3 evenings!!!

This shows the entire middle part.  I have loved watching each motif come alive!

 This little beauty bloomed last spring!! I was so happy to see it with buds again!

I think it does so well because I sort of neglect it!! Again, have a great week!