Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Christmas Garden" and Thanksgiving cactus!

I like to start my post with a thanks.  I appreciate all of you who take time to look at it and a special thanks to those who comment! Again, many of you were so kind with comments about Laurie's Woolpets! Thanks so much!  I have been working very hard on the BBD Christmas Garden.  I put a goal of finishing by Dec. 1, not sure I'll make it.  I ordered a frame from my favorite frame makers, Valley House Primitives.  Their frames are just amazing.  I never see faux finished frames out here so when I have a special project, I order from them.  In addition to beautiful work, they are so nice to work with. The SBA does a good job of stretching so this should be ready to enjoy before Christmas.  The biggest change I made was in the red color.  I think I mentioned this before so I won't go into it again.  This will be a busy week for many of us who are having friends and family for dinner on Thanksgiving.  I still plan to stitch in the evening so I can keep to my schedule!  Have a wonderful week!!

I was able to order the frame because I did the border first. I still have to finish the flowers (or berries).

This motif took 3 evenings!!!

This shows the entire middle part.  I have loved watching each motif come alive!

 This little beauty bloomed last spring!! I was so happy to see it with buds again!

I think it does so well because I sort of neglect it!! Again, have a great week!


  1. Hi, Barb,
    Your sampler is just beautiful! I scrolled back to see what reds you used. I usually only stitch repros, but after seeing your sampler, I think I will reconsider. I love it! Can't wait to see the frame you ordered.

  2. Christmas Garden is coming along nicely! This is a design that I would like to add to my stash sometime soon!

  3. Hi Barb,
    Your Christmas Garden is beautiful!

    Janet from Valley House Primitives

  4. It is just gorgeous. It is hard to believe that that one motif took 3 days. wow.

  5. Your Christmas Garden is so lovely! I have this kitted up but I'm not sure when I'll get around to it. Seeing yours develop is wonderful inspiration!

  6. ooooo I am sure the way your needle is smoking that it will be done :) glad you have got the frame ordered :) I've got the chart but thats as far as it has got at the moment
    happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxx

  7. I hope you meet your deadline to finish this beautiful piece so you can enjoy it on your wall over the holidays.
    The cactus is very pretty.

  8. I keep my fingers crossed! Hope you meet your deadline! This sampler already looks gorgeous! Love it! Have a nice week with your family and friends! :o)


  9. CG is coming along nicely.
    I really like the reds you changed to.
    Your cactus is sooooooooo pretty!

  10. Beautiful progress Barb! I think that you will make your deadline!
    Gorgeous cactus!

  11. Wonderful progress on Christmas Garden!!

  12. Your Christmas cactus is beautiful. The colors of the blossoms are so pretty.

    Christmas garden is such a beauty.

  13. The sampler is beautiful - I love the colors. And, the persimmon tree is beautiful, too! (in the blog header) Looking forward to seeing you on T-Day.

  14. CG is looking beautiful
    Great thinking on doing the border first to order the frame
    Pretty cactus

  15. I have seen red blooms on that type of cactus but not light pink--quite nice! Thanks for the shots of Christmas Garden... more inspiration for me to get the fabric and get started! Thanks for the frame shop recommendation too.. will check on that! I really look forward to watching each motif develop too! Hugs!

  16. Oh that Christmas Garden, delightful! Love the Christmas cactus too. We have one, but it usually blooms in the spring. Its confused!

  17. Oh, you're so close to a finish, Barb! I know you'll love having it on your wall for Christmas this year :)

    And I loved seeing the beautiful blooms on the Christmas cactus--reminds me of one my grandmother had for years...

    Wishing you a most blessed Thanksgiving with your family!

  18. Your Christmas Garden looks great! I hope to stitch that for my daughter. Both of my girls want Anniversaries of the Heart so I figure I'll give one AotH and the other will get Christmas Garden.

    All three of my Christmas cacti (cactuses??) are blooming now! I am so happy and surprised. I think they're the one plant that I have had thrive but it's because I'm a bit neglectful. LOL They live despite me tending them.

    I just noticed that you live across Puget Sound in the Pacific NW. Oh my gosh. I would LOVE to go there one day. I keep telling my kids that when they are older, I require a cottage on Bowen Island, Vashon Island, or Bainbridge Island. So far all I've gotten in response is a lot of eyeball rolling.