Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Cross Stitch

I hope everyone has had a good week! First, I want to thank everyone who looks at the blog and a special thanks to those who comment!  I appreciated the kind things you said about the November Word Play that I did for my DIL.  Today I decided to show my Thanksgiving cross stitch projects.  I didn't do one for myself this year because I've been working hard on the BBD"Christmas Garden".  I'll do a catch up on that one tomorrow. Personally, I don't decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving.  I think I just want to stretch out fall a little longer.  I have lots of dried gourds and I put them all around for the fall decorating.  I also have some favorite Thanksgiving  Cross stitch that I put up each year.

 This has the words of my favorite Thanksgiving Hymn. I have gone to Church on Thanksgiving Eve just to sing this song!

 This is a BBD design that I pop into an antique frame(the same frame I use for Witchy on Halloween).For some reason the colors are much paler than in the actual cross stitch.

This is another frame I pop things in and out of.  It contains the PS monthly designs. I haven't done all of them, just the ones I like.

 This is another old BBD.  I love that frame.  We got it several years ago at an antique show.  I don't think it is that old , but it is solid tiger maple!

 Here's a little girl given to me by my DD.

A lovely Woolpet pumpkin!

 Another wonderful design done by my DD.

 I'll end this post with pictures of our pyracantha.  I read that the best way to age a new house is with vines, etc. on the walls of the house.  This covers almost our entire garage wall.

Such pretty red berries!  This will be good winter food for the birds.

I'm hoping you all have a wonderful week-end!  We will be getting lots of rain!  Sounds like a wonderful week-end for stitching!


  1. I love your Thanksgiving pieces!! They are all very nice!

  2. Oh Barb - What a pretty series of "thankful" stitches you have - and all so nicely framed too. I'll bet the birds go crazy over your pyracantha too.

  3. Great Thanksgiving stitching!
    Love the little wool pieces, especially the mouse on the pumpkin, it's too cute.
    Your daughter has a talent there. :)
    Great vines on your garage.

  4. What wonderful Thanksgiving pieces! I love the Quaker one and the PS one, The wooly pumpkins are adorable -- your DD is very talented too! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  5. What a wonderful display of stitched pieces you have for Thanksgiving.
    I rather like the idea you have for using the same frame for different pieces according to the season.
    Those little pumpkins are very sweet.

  6. i love those felt pieces. i have pyracantha growing over an arbor at the blog tech's house. it is gorgeous smells wonderful when it blooms!

  7. I love all your Thanksgiving pieces! The Bent Creek Quaker is my favorite.

  8. Beautiful stitches . Love your wool pets from your DD. xxx

  9. Love all your stitching pieces! That tiger maple frame is just gorgeous! I still haven't started Christmas garden. Was waiting for my LNS to get some fabric done, but now they are moving (locally) so it will be a while. Going to look elsewhere, cause I really want to start it! Looking forward to your progress pic, to prod me on! Hugs!

  10. Such a wonderful collection of Thanksgiving stitching, Barb. I fully intended to do the Bent Creek one myself this year, just ran out of time. It is really lovely :)

    Love the pumpkin with the tiny mouse--your daughter is one talented young woman!!

  11. Wonderful Thanksgiving pieces! Your daughter made you some beautiful pieces. I agree with you, my Christmas doesn't go up until after thanksgiving.

  12. ohhhh how did I miss that wee mouse on the pumpkin ... that is gorgeous :) well done dd

    lovely stitching as always :) love mouse xxxx