Monday, September 24, 2012

A Finish!

I was so pleased that many of you seemed to enjoy my spider web!! Either that or you were just being very polite. Thanks also for the kind comments about the mystery sampler.  Well, I finished it Sat. night and even got the frame ordered! That means that when we get back from our trip , the SBA will be able to get it framed.  We also picked up Halloween Town and got that mailed to our Grandson.  I'm just hoping he won't be too sad that it isn't a toy.  Usually a package from us means a toy! At 7 I think toys probably still mean more than Grandma's stitching! I was very happy with the way the frame turned out but we had to get it in the mail so I didn't take time to get a picture.  Here are a few of the highlights from the Lizzie Kate Mystery Halloween Sampler.

 This one is long and skinny.  It would probably make a good bell pull.

 I (along with a few others) did not like the choice of a blue-green color for the first level of grass.  I chose to do WDW bullfrog.  The level near the house was done with GA English ivy. I also did a backstitch between the two colors.  This was not called for but no matter how careful I was not to pull, you could see the linen.  I'm hoping it just looks like a different level of grass.

 A cute charm was included.

 The black button star was used in two places.

Again by the owl.

We leave on a short trip tomorrow.  We will be visiting one of my dearest friends and her husband and we'll be visiting the SBA' Granddaughter at her college.  We're looking forward to seeing all those people! I will post when I can but I'll try to check your blogs each evening.  I'll be back in about a week. Enjoy the beautiful autumn!