Saturday, January 21, 2012

All the wintery weather was gone, at least for a day. I still feel so sorry for the folks south of Seattle. They are still without power and have so much to clean up after all the branches and trees fell down. We had a lovely day up here. I'm not going to say much, the photos speak for themselves. Tomorrow a wind and rain storm is suppose to come in late in the day, it will be back to books and cross stitch!!

In Poulsbo, that's what is left of the snow!

Even the birds were all out and about.

These guys are American Wigeons. Had to find them in the bird book.

The sun on the trees.

Late in the day , the clouds were just beautiful!

Thanks for taking a look and hope you are having a wonderful week-end!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Gloom has Settled in!!!!!

The SBA and I finally left the house today. He was getting tired of the soup that I made the day before the snow so we set out for our favorite grocery store. If that wasn't enough, we decided to be really wild and crazy so we went to the Y this afternoon. We will need to find other places to walk . You will see from the photos that it will be awhile before walking on our street will be good. I'm staying busy doing mainly 3 things:1. Doing a deep cleaning of the kitchen-that includes polishing furniture , cleaning cabinets, etc. 2. Reading the "Book Thief" by Marcus Zusak. and 3. Stitching my latest sampler to be done for Valentines decorating. This will probably be the end of the winter storm pics. There are still over 300,00o folks without power and the temps tonight will be in the upper 30's. When I crawl into bed tonight I'll give thanks for a warm bed, lights, and the SBA to help keep the bed warm!! Have a great week-end.

My poor witch hazel covered in snow!

This was our street this afternoon.

This slushy mess is everywhere. I stopped at Michaels and it was 3-4 inches deep!

The trusty mailman!!!!

This fog has settled everywhere. I think the ground is colder than the air or something like that.

This was the street this morning. Kind of like a wash board.

Left from two days ago!!!!! Glad we stayed home!!!

More fog!

It's been raining all day!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Storm and Cross Stitch

Our snow storm has morphed into an ice storm. We have not had an ice storm since we moved here 8 years ago. Our house is 350 feet above the sound so we are actually getting more snow than ice. South of the city(Seattle) is very bad. One stretch of road 22 miles is closed because 25 trees or branches have fallen . 170,00 houses have no power. We are still ok. Our daughter and son-in-law are suppose to catch a flight tomorrow morning.(I've had their wonderful Woolpets on this blog many times). They are going to a trade show in Arizona. This is important to their business so we hope they will get out and be safe!!! I have a few fun snow pictures and a cross stitch update!

This is a stone wall near the garden.

Our daughter-in-law gave us this tree face a few years ago.

Our back yard.

One good thing-lots of time to stitch. The Grandparents sampler is all done!! I didn't really like all the over one !!! I decided I'll be careful choosing patterns with lots of over one!!

Remember the vase I frogged( ripped out), I like this much better!

This is an old pattern I found on e-bay. I thought it would look cute for Valentines time(month of Feb.)

I chose my own colors. The letters are stitched with Atlantic Blue Range 923 and 928. The hearts will be Clove range 626. I love the 626 color. I have used it in lots of patterns.

Not sure who SM was but she stitched a cute little sampler!
Thanks for taking a look and have a great day.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Storm

The weather folks said it would be the storm of the century!! Well, that was a bit of a stretch. However, we don't get much snow up here so any snow is a big deal. There have been snow showers for days and we sit in the shadow of the Olympic Mts. so we had no showers!! I like snow so that didn't really please me. This morning we got up to 4-5 inches. Just south of here they got 10-20. I just heard on the radio that one year ago the state police reported 83 accidents in a 24 hour period. In the last 24 hours they had over 720 reports!! That lets you know how well Washingtonians drive in the snow! I think we'll spend a quiet day at home!! I'm a bit worried about the winds that are suppose to kick up this afternoon. We have a HUGE problem with power outages because of all the big trees. I don't like loosing power!!! Well, enjoy the photos! I think snowy pictures are lovely!

Poor St. Francis is covered.

This is a great picture of my garden in a snow storm.

This is basically the view from the master bedroom.

Deck views.

This is out the dining room window.

See the wind at the neighbors! That's my biggest concern! Have a great day!