Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Storm

The weather folks said it would be the storm of the century!! Well, that was a bit of a stretch. However, we don't get much snow up here so any snow is a big deal. There have been snow showers for days and we sit in the shadow of the Olympic Mts. so we had no showers!! I like snow so that didn't really please me. This morning we got up to 4-5 inches. Just south of here they got 10-20. I just heard on the radio that one year ago the state police reported 83 accidents in a 24 hour period. In the last 24 hours they had over 720 reports!! That lets you know how well Washingtonians drive in the snow! I think we'll spend a quiet day at home!! I'm a bit worried about the winds that are suppose to kick up this afternoon. We have a HUGE problem with power outages because of all the big trees. I don't like loosing power!!! Well, enjoy the photos! I think snowy pictures are lovely!

Poor St. Francis is covered.

This is a great picture of my garden in a snow storm.

This is basically the view from the master bedroom.

Deck views.

This is out the dining room window.

See the wind at the neighbors! That's my biggest concern! Have a great day!


  1. okay! i am so darn jealous!!!! could you please blow some my way? i just saw on the weather that we are almost 50 degrees all of next week!

  2. Yea snow! We haven't had any this year. We usually have 1 or 2 events, I don't think it is going to happen.
    Best thing is to stay home and stitch!

  3. Well, I really don't care to be in the snow, but I LOVE looking at pictures of it. It looks like you are in a winter wonderland. So very beautiful. We've been hearing (even on our news) about the snow that's going on up there. Stay warm!!

  4. Winter wonderland!