Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cross stitch and Caleb

It's a rainy-maybe turning to snowy day here in the Pacific NW. We had a few things to get at the store. Well, you would have thought it was the day before Thanksgiving!!! The parking lot is huge and we had to keep driving around to find a place to park. Guess all the bread and milk snow people were out. You know, at the thought of snow some people rush out to buy bread and milk!! I guess if you have children milk and peanut butter can keep them going for awhile. When we got home, I found quite a treasure in my mailbox. I'll just show you the picture and you can decide for yourself if I'm not a very lucky person!

Here is the treasure that the mailman brought! He knows that Grandma loves Halloween!

Of course, the Christmas season is still on his mind. Don't you think he's quite the artist!!

Here he is! We will be going to visit during his spring break ! We can't wait to see him(his parents too).

Well, progress is being made. I do love the way the flowers look. As you see, no vase. I ended up frogging the whole vase . When I got it done, it looked like a South West Native basket. Not the look I want for this sampler. I'm going to do it in soft green so it will look old with moss covering it. Hope I like that look!
Have a wonderful week-end!


  1. Since I'm a grandma, I can truly know how wonderful it is to receive those treasures in the mail. Your little Caleb is a doll.

  2. awwwww...that is so cute! i can't wait to be a grandma. i don't see it happening any time soon though!

  3. Your stitching is looking wonderful.
    Caleb is quite the artist :) He must get it from you:)

  4. I can see why Caleb's picture made you happy! What a nice message - and I agree, he's quite the artist!