Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The garden and a cross stitch ctch-up!

We have had a very mild winter so far. Usually this Witch Hazel blooms in Feb. But it is blooming right now. I love seeing the yellow spidery flowers after the cold winter. I decided to look around the garden and found a few more pleasant surprises. My Ivory Prince hellebores are budding up nicely. In another month or so I'll have some very pretty flowers. I hope you enjoy this peek at spring!

I also found these daffodils up a few inches.

I saw this chart on ebay and thought how quickly these ornaments would stitch up. Planning for next year! Sorry for the poor photo!

I haven't done any Christmas ornaments for Caleb, my sweet adorable Grandson, so I think I'll get a few of these stitched up before next Christmas.

Here is the progress on the family sampler I'm doing. Sorry for all the wrinkles. Yesterday we visited a new frame shop gallery in Poulsbo. The gallery part had some beautiful things and the selection of frames was super!! We are lacking a good frame shop and have had to rely on Joanns or Michaels(not a great selection!) This sampler will require special framing as it will need to look good with the antique frames that contain the Grandparent's pictures .

As usual, the color seems a bit off!

Just a few details. I really like the way the alternate colors are working up in the sampler. Well, thanks for taking a look. Hope everyone is having a good week.


  1. Wow, it does look like spring!
    Lovely stitching. I love this pattern.
    I just stitched and ornie from the PS book. It did work up fast. I love PS designs.
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. great cross stitch! everything is coming up in my garden way too early. i wonder what will happen when winter finally arrives!

  3. The witch hazel is beautiful! Does it smell good, too? Your sampler is lovely, by the way.