Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cross stitch and Caleb

It's a rainy-maybe turning to snowy day here in the Pacific NW. We had a few things to get at the store. Well, you would have thought it was the day before Thanksgiving!!! The parking lot is huge and we had to keep driving around to find a place to park. Guess all the bread and milk snow people were out. You know, at the thought of snow some people rush out to buy bread and milk!! I guess if you have children milk and peanut butter can keep them going for awhile. When we got home, I found quite a treasure in my mailbox. I'll just show you the picture and you can decide for yourself if I'm not a very lucky person!

Here is the treasure that the mailman brought! He knows that Grandma loves Halloween!

Of course, the Christmas season is still on his mind. Don't you think he's quite the artist!!

Here he is! We will be going to visit during his spring break ! We can't wait to see him(his parents too).

Well, progress is being made. I do love the way the flowers look. As you see, no vase. I ended up frogging the whole vase . When I got it done, it looked like a South West Native basket. Not the look I want for this sampler. I'm going to do it in soft green so it will look old with moss covering it. Hope I like that look!
Have a wonderful week-end!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On the way to a hair-cut

We have been out here for 8 years. I love it that sometimes it still amazes me. Yes, it rains a lot. Yes. it is gray a lot and yes, we have fairly high taxes! All this is true. But today I was on the way to get my hair trimmed. The SBA went with so we could go for a walk when I was done. I reminded him to bring the camera because it was such a sunny day. We decided to take a few pictures just to let you see why We LOVE this place! Where else can you see sights like this on the way to get a simple hair trim!!!!????

This was taken from the parking lot of the salon.

Another from the same place. These are the Olympic Mountains.

Not bad at all for a parking lot view!

Here's a view from the expressway on the way home. There are several good views of Puget Sound, it is actually an inlet from the sound.

Here's a view on the way to the grocery store we stopped at on the way home. The mountain in the far distance is Mt. Rainer.
I hope your day was a pleasant as mine and thanks for taking a look!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The garden and a cross stitch ctch-up!

We have had a very mild winter so far. Usually this Witch Hazel blooms in Feb. But it is blooming right now. I love seeing the yellow spidery flowers after the cold winter. I decided to look around the garden and found a few more pleasant surprises. My Ivory Prince hellebores are budding up nicely. In another month or so I'll have some very pretty flowers. I hope you enjoy this peek at spring!

I also found these daffodils up a few inches.

I saw this chart on ebay and thought how quickly these ornaments would stitch up. Planning for next year! Sorry for the poor photo!

I haven't done any Christmas ornaments for Caleb, my sweet adorable Grandson, so I think I'll get a few of these stitched up before next Christmas.

Here is the progress on the family sampler I'm doing. Sorry for all the wrinkles. Yesterday we visited a new frame shop gallery in Poulsbo. The gallery part had some beautiful things and the selection of frames was super!! We are lacking a good frame shop and have had to rely on Joanns or Michaels(not a great selection!) This sampler will require special framing as it will need to look good with the antique frames that contain the Grandparent's pictures .

As usual, the color seems a bit off!

Just a few details. I really like the way the alternate colors are working up in the sampler. Well, thanks for taking a look. Hope everyone is having a good week.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Market

Today, I'll finish my post on the Pike Place Market. My goal here is just to show the great variety of shops and goods available at this market. Sorry if there are too many photos. You just can't show this amazing place in just a couple of pictures! Tomorrow, I'll get back to cross stitch!

This is a very good restaurant. As I said yesterday, beer and reubens to die for!

Here we have the beer menu.

I love the statement about Seattle being the beer capital!

Every spot on the wall was decorated.

On to the market!This little stand had a huge variety of nuts.

This is the famous fish market where they throw the fish. There is always a crowd watching.

One of my favorites!!!!

This place has all kinds of spices and teas.

Our famous NW fish!

Fruit anyone?

How about some vegetables?

Pasta? There is even chocolate pasta they suggest you serve with ice cream. Not sure about that.

How about some Mt. Saint Helen's ash figurines!!??

The flower court was a bit bare. In the summer, this is my favorite part of the market!!

This is the Mac and cheese that Oprah made famous.

There were 4 kinds of sticky buns.

I thought these were pretty.

If you ever visit the market, I highly recommend this place. The chowder is wonderful. We brought some home for dinner.
Thanks for visiting the market with me!