Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Winter Garden at UW Arboretum

First, thanks to all of you for your very kind words about France F and the frame.  She is happily hanging on my wall! Yesterday we had a quite extraordinary day!  The SBA, our daughter, and I went over to see the Winter Garden at the UW Arboretum.  The day was just beautiful with temps up to 63 sunny degrees.  I hope you will enjoy a walk through this beautiful place!

 A lovely entrance to the Arboretum.

Can you believe this wisteria vine??!! All of the posts at the conservatory were covered with these huge trunks! They reminded me of snakes.

 Flowers on an unknown vine at the conservatory.

 A beautiful Japanese Maple.

The air smelled wonderful.  I think it was all the witch hazels.

 The color you see on this path was all the different witch hazel trees.

Camellias were also blooming.

There were several clumps of this colorful cyclamen. The contrast with the orange bark was lovely.

After a fun lunch at the Pike Place Brewery, we were on our way home.  It was so warm, we sat outside on the deck of the ferry, the end to a great day.  Many thanks to our very sweet daughter who showed us all around by bus so we didn't need to take our car on the ferry.
I hope you are all having a great week-end! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Gift and A Frame

I hope you have all had a delightful Valentine's Day.  I went to my volunteer  job at the school.  The kids made amazing boxes for their Valentines.  What a fun place to be on Valentine's Day.  Plus, I got more goodies to eat than I need so I brought some home to the SBA who was busy painting my craft room.  I'll tell you about that on another post.  Thanks so much for all your kind comments about my little Spring stitch.  Next post will have an update and you can see the bunny finally.
I was the very lucky winner of a give-away from CasaPearl over at " Stitching in LobsterLand" a really great blog! She took the time to look at my blog to see the kind of things I like.  How thoughtful!!  Plus she did a super job, an adorable Halloween  witch chart, a chart called Quaker Mini Treats(I love to stitch Quaker), and a chart with two historic samplers.  In addition to all that there were some beautiful colored threads and a great piece of linen.  The linen just might be what I'm looking for to do my next project. Thank you so much Patti!!!!
Last but not least, I picked up the framed France F.  I love the way it turned out!
Again, I hope this was a wonderful day for all of you my "cloud" friends!!( the SBA refers to you all as my "cloud" friends.)  I certainly do consider you all my friends!

Notice the cute card in the upper right corner.

Thanks for joining me!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just a Little Cross Stitch

First, thanks to all of you who looked at the Mardi Gras photos.  Since Tues. is fat Tues. , I guess all the dec orating will need to come down on Wed.
  I have had a bug this weekend, cough, cough cough, that is the story of my life! It did give me time to do some reading and stitching.  I have two projects in mind.  One is the sampler,"This is the Day".  When I have more energy I will continue to work at getting all I need to do that lovely sampler.  Secondly, I have wanted to do Slicker Bunny.  In my opinion, an absolute perfect one for the Seattle area.  I went to my only linen source the other day and couldn't find the nice gray I was searching for. The chart says the linen color should say" a rainy day in April".  Carol at "Stitching Dreams " has given me two great suggestions so I will be ordering  linen this week.  Well, I can't be without a project so I looked through my Spring charts and found this delightful one "Bunny & Co". by With Thy Needle and Thread. It is a lot of fill stitching but I love the way it is turning out.The bunny and egg cart alone would make a cute spring ornament but I'm doing the whole chart.
I have thought of those of you in the NE this week-end and hope you are safe and staying warm. I wish all of you a great week ahead!

The linen is lighter than the photo but we seem stuck in a bank of fog so it is difficult to get a good picture!
Thanks for joining me today!