Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snow and a little Northwest town

The first photo shows you what we got up to this morning. The snow was a sign of how chilly it was,but we had glorious strong sunshine so by now most of the snow is gone. I needed some linen to start my next project so we headed up to a little town called Port Gamble. A great quilt store up there is trying to meet the needs of cross stitchers and carries great linen and several kinds of floss. It is one of the oldest towns near Seattle. It is kind of odd in that you can not own a house in the historic area. You can only rent. The town is in a beautiful spot near the water. That's because it was an important lumbering town years ago. The town was modeled on a New England village. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Here's my garden!!

This sign gives you a bit of history about the town.

This is in front of The Dauntless Bookstore. Many old houses have been converted to shops and small businesses.

Love that picket fence!

Notice the pretty view in back of this house.

Love that trim!

Many weddings are held here in the summer.

Here is the view I was referring to.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this delightful little town . It's about 20 minutes from our home. We feel very lucky! Thanks for taking a look!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Sewing Expo

Last week my dear daughter and I went to a sewing expo. This is a very well known event and people come from quite far away. Here was the problem for us. As for me, there were very little if any, needlework supplies. I'm not that much of a seamstress! I do sew for my home, pillows , bed skirts , etc. but that is about it and only when necessary. Laurie is a wool-felting artist. She was looking for things she could use in her designs and really didn't find anything. There were several great trim booths but you had to know exactly what you wanted. The event was a quilters paradise! It was extremely crowded!!!! We did have a nice day together so that was worth the trip. We decided that we will probably skip it next year.

Now in Washington, any event that is held at the Fairgrounds sells these yummy scones! We resisted!

Here are a few of my purchases. I never tried this but thought I might like to use this for trim. It can be dyed.

Looks easy!! We'll see!!!

Vintage ribbon in a color I love.

This was my favorite booth. They had tons of these great ceramic buttons. There were some for Halloween that were wonderful. I loved the spider ones. I have some ceramic Halloween buttons that I haven't used so I decided to wait on those. I can use these for my summer decorating. I have her card so I can order more.
Thanks for taking a look and have a great week!