Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cross Stitch and Flowers

Hi there cloud friends! I hope summer is treating you all well.  We have had a wonderful one here in the Pacific NW if you like cool temps like I do.  Many days have been in the 70's, my favorite kind of weather. I haven't posted for awhile as not a lot is going on.  I am working on two large pieces so there hasn't been lots to share.  Plus we have pretty much been at home.  We have started an exercise class at the local Y.  It is called Silver Sneakers.  In spite of the title, we get a good work out.  At this point, I think my back will only get better as my core gets stronger so that's what I am working on!! I do have a few garden shots to share.  My garden has also liked the cooler temps!

 Thank you all for the wonderful advice you gave me in response to my last post.  I am putting the border on three sides.  I'm working on the alphabet and pumpkins or crows for the bottom.  There will not be A Ghoultide Welcome! This is so washed out.  Really it has great Fall colors and the linen is Lakeside Vintage Sand Dune. That's one of my favorite go to colors for linen.

 There is a lot of border.  We are going to be on a plane later this month so I will add the orange flowers then.

 Thanks for the advice on this one too.  The linen is actually antique white so I think I will just leave it.  I am such a chicken when it comes to dying things.  I do admire some of you who are so adventurous with dying fabric and threads!!

 If you read this blog just for the stitching, now is the time to stop.  The rest are photos are from the garden.  My dahlias are beautiful this year.  This is my favorite!

 I think it is called Bed Head!

The lilies have also been good.  This one is over 6 feet tall.  Happy (also known as my DH) agreed to be the comparison for height.

I hope you all have a great week-end and thanks so much for joining me today.