Thursday, February 10, 2011


One of my passions,besides stitching, is gardening. We have had several days that are sunny and in the high 40's. I can't resist the primroses that are showing up in all the places they sell plants,even the Rite-Aid! I have looked at my dead window box for several weeks. Usually I plan a nice winter box, but with my DH having such knee problems, I guess I was distracted as no nice box got planted this fall. I decided it would be wonderful to look out and see flowers. Now as I stand at my sink, this is what I see:

These little beauties remind me that spring will be here before too long!

Not much to say about stitching. I'm busy doing "Daffodils" by Prairie Schooler. The alphabet part is a bit tricky. I guess that even in my stitching I'm thinking about flowers and spring!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I just fell in love with the little snowman that is my new header. I do need to explain that the new header isn't the work of my daughter. Her work ( all the wonderful birds) was my last header. I have an idea to use one of her "Woolpets" in my March header, so be looking for it. Anyway the cute little snowman is from Midnight Stitching. This pattern is called "Heartstruck Quakers" #016. I have purchased several of their charts because I think they are so cute. I'm anxious to do a patriotic one from a pattern called "Heartstruck" #003. I did change the colors on the header . I used DMC 355 for the red, DMC 922 for the carrot nose, and the rest I did according to the chart. It only took two night to do this. It was a quick valentine stitch.
We had another lovely day here. I wanted to be in the yard but it seems I have developed plantar facilitates (probably spelled wrong!!) but it sure hurts! I'm trying lots of stretches to correct it! Thanks to Mary, a follower, for asking questions.