Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cross Stitch and Lavender

Hi there cloud friends! I hope your Sunday is as pretty as mine.  It is sunny and probably about 78, I call that close to perfect weather. I have done lots of stitching to share with you today.  We went to the Sequim Lavender Festival on Fri. and I  have photos from that to share too. Let's get started.

 I am ready for the border on the Ghoultide Welcome. Here is what I am thinking,  to make it more like a sampler, I want to add the alphabet at the bottom.  That would not take up as much space as the charted "A Ghoultide Welcome"  so I would have to end the border at the two sides.  I have seen that done on other pieces.  I could then do just a simple line or zig-zag border on the bottom.  We (the engineer DH and I)  just can't make the border work with the alphabet design.  What do you think? I would love to know.

 I love this pile of pumpkins.  I could add a few of these to the alphabet line.
 The finished Fancy Blackett design by Pineberry Lane.  The chart is called Fancy Blackett Tea for Two.  I used the recommended floss.  This is for my DD as we often have coffee together.  I am pretending it is coffee not tea. The big letters were a snap as the B was charted.  I just took of the middle, flipped it over, and got an L for Laurie.  Now the letters stand for Barb and Laurie! Sorry Fancy and Otis!

 I love the design Cinnamon Stars by Plum Street.  I had started this one last Fall right after my accident.  I was not enjoying it at that time.  Now I really like it.  I just wish I had not chosen such a white linen.  I am thinking I might dye it when I'm finished.  However, it might change the colors of the floss too much.  I need your opinion again!

 The festival was a pleasure in both scent and vision.  Just beautiful!

I love the drift wood bird house.  Maybe I'll get more drift wood on my next beach walk and try one of these.

They were distilling lavender oil and this was the pile. It smelled divine!

Thanks so much for joining me today and have a wonderful week!