Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Finish, Some Stash, and A Huge Mushroom!

This has been quite a Sunday!  I have a headache from the football game, not sure if it was an overtime win or my DH's shouting! Anyway on to some cross stitch! I have finished the cross stitch for the medium sized pumpkin.  Now comes the challenge of making it into a pumpkin.  Speaking of pumpkins,  I have enjoyed seeing the real thing on several blogs.  Since we have had another very warm day, after so many 80 degree plus days this summer, I haven't seen any pumpkins in the stores yet.  You wouldn't know Fall will be here Mon. if you looked around here!
We went down to Portland for an over night last week.  I got to the LNS and did just a bit of shopping.  I was proud of myself as I pretty much stuck to my list!! It was not an easy thing to do.  They had wonderful Halloween patterns all over the place.

 Here's the stash I bought.  Doesn't it show restraint?! I had never seen the chart HollowEden. It is very cute with Eve holding a pumpkin in a key spot!

 I found these little trims in an antique shop.  Maybe they will inspire me to do a better job finishing!!

 I love this freebie by "The Little Stitcher."  I couldn't find a small oval and had about given up stitching it.

 This showed up in an antique shop.  It is great, made of walnut with just the right amount of age.  The size is perfect! Plus the price was very good!!!

 All finished!

 My favorite parts to this design were the pumpkins
 Look what I spotted on the edge of our yard!  That's my DH's hand just so you can see how big this was!!

I hope you all had a wonderful week-end full of stitching or other fun things! Thanks for joining me today!