Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Beautiful NW!

Hi there cloud friends!  I hope this post finds you all well and happy.  Today I am taking you on a few trips around my area.  If you just read the blog for stitching, I will be back with lots of that to share soon.  Today, however, is all about Western Washington.

 In summer we have some very low tides.  This beach is about 30 minutes West of our house.  It is known for eagles that come here to feed when the tide is very low.  We saw 25 eagles at one time. What a thrill!

 We are now at the Sat. before the 4th.  It was our day to act as docents. 

 My DH is all ready for the visitors.  We give them a history of this lighthouse.  Some people ask lots of questions and some just come to look at the inside of a lighthouse.

 This is a view of Mt. Rainier from the window of the lighthouse.  It's about 70 miles away looking south.

 A beautiful day for people and dogs!

and planes too!!

 And taking visitors to Victoria, BC. The ship is called "The Clipper".

 Another day , another beach! This one is about 45 minutes south of home.  You get a great 30 minute walk through the woods to get to this beach. My DH and I are definitely water people! We love the mountains too but the water really pulls us.

 Mt. Rainier from the beach.  The mountain is really much closer here but it looks further away because I did not use the close up lens. It's about 40 miles from here.

Last but not least, a little visitor came to my garden!

Have a great week and thanks for joining me today.  I'll be back soon with lots of stitching!